The time I went to a Shawn Mendes concert 

Catchy title I know you should be proud. So on Thursday I went to see an idol of mine! Tbh I find the word idol a bit like I’m a stalker I promise I’m not I just look up to him (a lot). And honestly, it was one of the best days of my life. I still get emotional over it. I’m not sure if that’s normal but roll with it. 

So I went into London around midday with my family and we went to a cafe outside the station and ate a huge meal, (I really wish I’d taken photos now ugh) but I ended up having this pasta thing with garlic bread. Then around 3ish we made our way to the natural history museum where we looked at some cool rocks and stuff (and a few dead birds). And then around 5pm we made our way over the o2 areana by gondola. 

A few month ago I had found out that some of my internet friends were also attending the same concert as me. Which was really cool knowning that I could share my music taste with some friends. So I was texting them back and forth throughout the day which upped my excitement. 

Anyways we got to the areana and then had to queue up for security. Luckily me and my mum didn’t have any bags with us so we were able to skip the first queue and go straight in. We made our way to our entrance and oh gosh was it long!!! We ended up queuing to get into the areana for around an hour and a half. In all honestly I’m not complaining too much as I know why it was there and it was only trying to keep us safe but it took forever. I even saw one of my friends from school there as well which was cool!! Once we got into the areana I was able to buy some merch! I bought a Shawn Mendes top. The reason I bought the one I did was because it has the album cover on the front which reminds me that I listened to the songs on that album and loved them. It also has a guitar on the back which is obviously a musical instrument so it reminds me that music is amazing. Very expensive but amazing !!

Then we got some chips and water (by this point it was around 7:30pm) and went into the areana. The support act was James TW and I’d listened to a little bit of his stuff the day before and there were a few songs that I fell in love with (he’s a great artist you should check him out) and we got there just in time to listen to my favourite song and one I didn’t really know (sorry mate) 

Then there was a half an hour break while we waited for Shawn where I ended up texting my internet friends and having some top quality banta with. Then it was time.

The lights went down and the screams began. I was screaming shouting his name and more. Then he came on and the noise increased. He played “nothing holding me back” first which is an amazing song and the most recent one he’s released. Then he played a few more and asked if we were enjoying ourselves (which I was) and he somehow managed to play basically two albums in one concert. Which I was really happy with as I love a lot of songs from his last album. Then he played my favourite song, which I took a recording of but all you can hear is my trying to sing along whislt crying. I can promise you there was a lot of crying. And we all had our torches out and it was just incredible absolutely amazing, perfect even. Shawn also played never be alone but he said something that is always going to stick with me. “Music connects people like nothing else can and that’s why what artists do is so special” and he couldn’t be more right. Don’t get me wrong YouTube and books does that too but music, that’s special. I spent a lot of the concert screaming and singing and crying because I was so happy. It’s so amazing to live more than just exist, 

Shawn has this way of making music so personal to every person which is incredible. Even if you feel you could never connect to a song you will find a way. And I did, every song he played I did find a way. He has a beautiful voice and I feel so lucky to have been there and watch him perform live. My mum told me after the concert that he was amazing and she loved his music after taking the mick out of me all day. 

I love Shawn and his music and the friendships I’ve made because of him, I’ll always remember that concert and I wish every second I could be back living in that moment. 

Some blurry photos from the evening !!! Or from friends and his Instagram