Why I’m changing and I’m happy about that 

Yeah bulky title I am aware…… 

So today me KK comes at you with a more personal post. And no surprise I am changing, we all do but sometimes we’re happy about that and sometimes no. Well this is a happy change. I’m not sure if it’s because of the music I’m listening to is changing or from personal experiences. But either way I am. Let me explain!! 

For one I’m trusting less people but trusting those I know I can more. You’d be surprised about how much people lie or keep things from you to make their world a little lighter. If people lie it’s fine. As long as your only motive isn’t in your favour. I am still uncertain about how I feel about certain people but I’m happy that I can finally realise that you don’t spill everything to one person and expect them to keep that. But I’m also telling those I love and know I can trust about how I feel and it’s helping. 

Secondly I’m writing more and trying to actually write things down instead of keeping them in my head. I’m putting them into my writing or into a song or diary. I’m thankful I’ve been given this creative spark that seems to light in the most weirdest of ways. I love getting an idea in the middle of the street or while eating lunch. If you have creativity as a gift use it because people love that in a person. 

I’m also starting to realise that I don’t need to be in love to be happy. I don’t like anyone st this moment in time and I’m happy about that because it means I can focus on friends and myself. Yes I’d like to have someone I genuinely feel in love with but I know it’s not everything. I’ve got a very important part of my life ahead of me and I know and realise that I don’t need to be sorting out relationship issues while trying to work out who invented the microwave. Not being in love with someone doesn’t make you any different from someone who is. It normally means that you are strong, brave, independent and not settling for what you can find. You are pretty and worthy. I’d much rather work on my grades now and love later when I’m in a good job with good pay. I feel that when people realise this they realise a bit more of themself. 

Have you noticed that you’vechanged? Is it a good change to bad one? Let me know in the comments 

There are a few more smaller things that I’ve realised about myself but these are the main ones. I hope you’re all having a great summer x 

catch y’all later 

KK x