Why I love Dear Evan Hansen

“Dear Evan Hansen today’s going to be a good day and here’s why, because today at least you’re you and that’s enough”

God! This musical is AMAZING! If you don’t know, which I kinda hope you do as it’s a pretty important thing. There is a musical called Dear Evan Hansen. I’ve mentioned it in a few blog posts but I’m dedicating this post to it. I’m going to tell you how I started listening to it, my favourite songs from it and what each of the songs mean to me. So here we go!!! 

So the first time I heard about Dear Evan Hansen was my friend Amber. She was constantly talking about it on her Snapchat and I was interested in it. I never properly listened to it though and it wasn’t until my friend Honor played waving through a window at my theatre school. I was honestly so struck by how good it was. Powerful, the voices were incredible and just the whole song was amazing. The reason I didn’t immediately jump to listen to it when I first heard it is I thought I wouldn’t like it and it wouldn’t suit me but oh wow it’s the complete opposite. So when I got home that evening I listened to the entire soundtrack and fell IN LOVE 

For the unaware this musical is about a boy called Evan and how he deals with his social anxiety and death of his classmate Connor Murphy. It’s a little more interesting than just that and has a pretty huge plot twist which in a way is actually really amazing. So there’s just a little insight to it but again, do research or you can ask me any questions you have about it in the comments below. 

Anybody have a map: This song is the very first thing you hear in the musical and it’s such a great opening. The only way i can describe it is it’s about Connor and Evans families and how they both find it hard to fit into society and school. Evans mum is single and finds it hard to cope with a socially anxious and sad kid while Connors mum finds it hard to reach her son because he seems so distant from her. The song is about how the parents find it hard to reach Connor and Evan but the deeper you look into the song the more interesting it becomes. 

Waving through a window: This is probably the one you are most likely to have heard of as it’s the one most people are talking about. It’s a huge number though and so bone chilling. It’s about how anxious and how alone Evan feels with his anxiety and just wishes he had a friend. I feel like mo matter who you are you’ll find purpose to this song. I recently also saw a little snip from the actual show and oh wow does it look incredible. 

For Forever: this song doesn’t make that much sense unless you know the entire plot but at this point in the song Evan is around Connors families house after Connors death and his parents were lead to believe Evan and their son were great friends and they wanted to hear what he was like so they could have this happy memory to hang onto. So Evan goes on to tell this elaborate story of his friendship with Connor. It’s really moving and you really cling onto what Connorss family are trying to which is beautiful. 

Sincerely me: out of the whole musical this is the funny number. (Which funny enough I know how to play on ukulele) this is about how Jarad and Evan are trying to go along with the story that him and Connor were friends and they write these fake emails between Connor and Evan butt it’s a really funny song with a lot of chemistry but defiantly one you want to dance to. 

Requiem: This song has actually quite a sad meaning behind it. Connor wasn’t always the bestest of sons or friends and the people closest to him find it hard to forgive him for what he did to them and they find it hard to feel sad that he’s gone. I feel like I relate to this song in a really weird way but very personal. But again I feel like whoever you are you’ll find something in that song you like. It also has very lovely people signing and acting in this, 

If I could tell her: this is the first song in my opinion I hat hurts when you know the true meaning of the musical. It is a duet between Zoe (connors sister and Evans crush) and Evan. Evan starts telling Zoe all these amazing things Connor said about her. It’s actually a really beautiful and loving song and shows how someone can mean something to you. I know this is a lot of my friends favourite sings. 

Disappear: This song gets to me man. It’s got so much meaning and love. It’s about how no one should disappear and be forgotten. Everyone is important and deserves a life to live. It’s also the start of the “Connor project” which blows up in the next song. I’m pretty sure the entire cast are also in this and oh my the vocals are incredible and I bet it looks amazing on a stage. 

You will be found: This is MY favourite song for a few reasons but wow, when I first heard it I’m pretty sure I was crying after. It’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. It’s about how even when you feel alone you will be found, someone will find you and you will be okay again and if you’re not you will be. This again has most of the cast in it so again it’s an incredible song. I can’t get enough of it honestly. Also the music and orchestra is unreal in this song. 

To break in a glove: To a lot of DEH fans this sing it kinda weird (including my friend) I actually like it. It’s how Evan felt and how he saw Connors family as a better family than his own. It’s also got some great music and singers It’s about how you should always do what you love and work your absolute hardest in life which is pretty cool.

Only us: so this is the love song between Zoe and Evan. It’s honestly one of the cutest songs ever and I love it with all of my heart. It’s about them both wanting to be together essentially. And how “the world falls away” but it’s one of the sweetest song and I’d do anything to hear it live. Their voices fit so well together and I’m so overwhelmed with how beautiful they both are, this again is one of my favourites. 

Good for you: This is a pretty damn good song. This song comes when Alana and Jarad get sick of Evan leaving them out, leaving them behind and how now he’s got what he wanted what do they do and as you can guess they’re really angry about this and it’s the way how their voices sound so good and you can hear the passion behind it with every word. This song by far is the one I want to get up to and sing to the most. The way it was written is beautiful and then you hav Evans interjection of him not knowning what to say and ah! It sends shivers down your back. Man it’s amazing and again I saw a small clip from it the other day and damn it’s amazing. 

Words fail: This song is again one of my favourites. It’s so beautiful and powerful and Bens voice is so so so powerful and passionate. The song is right after he’s told the Murphy family about his fabricated friendship with Connor and how he doesn’t know how to fix what he’s done and he wishes he could change it. His emotion is in another world as well and it’s one of those songs that you just wish you could sing that well. But this song brings so much meaning to the musical and you start to feel sorry for Evan. 

So big/So small: This song is basically Evans mums reaction to Evans lie. (I think) it’s again a really moving somg. She explains how she felt useless and didn’t know how to go on when Evans dad left and how she will always be there for her son no matter how big or small the world felt. Or she would be there until everything felt okay. But in my mind she’s also retrying to get over how he lied even to her, it’s such a moving song and it has a lot of meaning that overwhelms me. Rachel is such an amazing singer holy heck. 

Finale: this is the end. Even though it’s short it’s very moving and Evan realises he can be who’s he’s thought of being and being who he is is okay. This sends shivers down my back. It really does round up the musical and wants me want to go and see it even more. 

This musical is one of the best things you’ll ever hear and you should go listen to it if you havent already. You will love it. I will leave Evan Edingers video and the video on how to play sincerly me on the ukulele if that interests you and a few Instagram accounts I’ve found that are pretty good for any DEH fans out there. Let me know what you think of it if you’ve heard the musical and your favourite song. Or if you don’t like it why? Ttyl xx 

Evan Edingers video: https://youtu.be/BJHjRuHsKk8

How to play Sincerely me on the ukulele: https://youtu.be/lYovVhSzbaM

Instagram accounts you should give a follow: 

  • @good.for.hansen
  • @dear_connor
  • @dear.evan.hansen
  • @dear.evan.fansen
  • @falling.in.a.fxrest
  • @mikefaists

Also here are some photos from my great friend @good.for.hansen when they went to see DEH!! Please don’t use these photos without credit but enjoy some top quality photos from the likes of Colton Ryan and Laura Dreyfuss 


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