Humans are complex 

When you are a child you haven’t got to worry about much except what you’re wearing to that fancy dress party or what toy to take in the car with you. Life seems, simple in a way. Not much to it. As you slowly get older new problems are added to the mix and more responsibly. But this is what makes us complex. 

Have you ever heard people say “it’s complicated” my guess is you probably have. It’s quite a good yet annoying saying. On one side it’s annoying as hell when you want to know something but on the other it just explains the whole situation in only a few words. Sometimes in life things are way to hard to even talk about and the only way to tell someone about it is to say “it’s complicated”. 

As we get older things block our way and I’ve recently realised this. Things never have the “wrong” or “right” way anymore there’s the “possibly might be right but would hurt others” and the “sure it’s easy but it won’t get you anywheee” and many more. It’s hard to tell which way is better. Especially on there own. 

I think another aspect is that more problems happen at once. You never really have time without anything I’m your head just everything happening at once. I feel sometimes like my brain might actually explode from the amount of thoughts passing through. And I’m scared that  that brain might explode at any moment and I won’t be prepared. If you know what I mean please tell me. Do you feel a similar way? Do you think humans are all complex or are there a few who have it easy? Let me know in the comments 

I also thought I’d add some photos that I’ve acquired. Hope you like them. 


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