Summer in the City 2017 

Screams, lights, hugs, tears, lines, wristbands, music, photos and more. This summer I was lucky enough to go to the biggest YouTube event in the UK called Summer in the City (also known as sitc). And it was the best weekend of my life! I was debating whether or not to make this post as it is quite personal and a lot of emotion will be brought back by writing it but I know how much I like to re read my blog posts and I know this is one I can’t wait to read. But I will say this I won’t be able to post photos on here of me meeting youtubers as I’m in them and as this is a anonymous blog that won’t be happening so you just have to trust me that I met them!! Let’s get started then!!!


So on Saturday morning we got up around 7am and got ready to leave. In all honesty I didn’t eat much as I was filled with so much excitement! But with a quick car journey we jumped on the train and headed to London! It was a beautiful day and whilst in the train me and my friend Erin who I was going with listened to dear Evan Hansen (if you saw my last post you know how obsessed I am with that musical). And after getting off on the wrong side of the river we made it to the excel! 

We pretty much got our wristband for the weekend right away but ended up queuing a bit longer (about half an hour) for our wristbands for meet and greets. But pretty much as soon as we got them we were in!! We got into the main expo hall as SOON as it opened. I wish I’d taken pictures but everyone held up their wrists and there was a lot of screaming but it was incredible. When me and Erin got in we did a few laps of the place then met up with one of the many internet friends I was meeting Penny It was amazing to see her and I’m so happy I got to meet her. We caught up for a bit and then Erin and I had to run off to our first meet and greet of the day which was Dodie Clark!! 

When we got through the bag check we headed straight for dodies lane. Whilst stood in the two hour long queue waiting to meet her we meet three really lovely girls (I hope they don’t mind me mentioning their names) called Izzy, Abi and Jade. We ended up talking throughout the queue and I really hope we can meet again as they were super sweet. I went through a lot of feelings and emotions during that queue. Excitement, nerves, tears, happiness and love. But after a while it was time. 

A lot of when I met dodie was a blur as it was a long time ago but I’ll try describe it the best I can. So I walked up to her in tears and she kind of galloped towards me and gave me a huge hug. I gave her her letter and let her sign something for me and we got a lot of hugs and photos and then I told her how much I loved her and how amazing she was and that was it. I’m so happy I got to meet her. She’s a lot like she is in her videos, her voice, body and height. But she was super nice and kind and very very beautiful. I’m so lucky and happy I got to meet her. All I really remember is how I was in tears when she asked for my name and she was slightly laughing and asking if I was okay. But again it was amazing to meet her. 

Then we said goodbye to Jade, Izzy and Abi and still slightly shaking but also very happy headed over to Evans meet and greet which was underway. Because we arrived mid meet and greet (it was around half two) we weren’t waiting too long but none the less we made a friend Called Elise. She was so nice and we talked until it was our turn to meet Evan. I think looking back on it Evan was my favourite in some ways. I ran to him and gave him a hug and asked him how his day was going and gave him my letter I wrote him and then told him about my home life and how he made me feel not so alone and I broke down I won’t lie. But he said “hey hey it’s okay” and hugged me like I was his best friend and honestly it was amazing. We took a few photos together and he mentioned dear Evan Hansen but over all it was my favourite meet and greet. 

Then me, Erin and Elise met back up with Penny  and grabbed a bite to eat at costa before we had to head back over to the meet and greet area for Gary Cs meet and greet. This is where it went a little down hill though. Whilst stood in the queue waiting for Gary I dropped my phone and then the touch screen stopped working. But none the less it didn’t stop me giving him a huge hug and taking some cute photos. I also forgot to mention that we are in Gary’s new vlog which is pretty cool. It was nice chatting to Gary he was really sweet and seemed really interested in what we had to say. After that I was still shaken up about my phone and overwhelmed with nerves for the open mic so we found my friend Honor and headed back over to costa before open mic. 

On the way too open mic we saw Connie a.k.a Noodarella. I’ve been also watching Connie for around a year now so to meet her was super nice and again she’s super sweet and I look up to her a lot. We grabbed a photo and she signed my notebook and gave me a free extract from her new book. I have t read it yet but I’m sure it’s amazing!! Then open mic!!

Open mic went pretty well I didn’t mess up too much and after that we heard over to the main stage to wait for Emma’s performance. In all honesty Emma’s set came and went. It was definitely my favourite out of her and dodie though. I could jump and sing along to Emma and she had some pretty funny stories to tell as well and just such a great person so it was so nice to see her. But then Erin and I headed back on the train with her mum and spilled everything about the incredible day we had had and how excited we were for the following day. I got home and crashed as soon as I got in. I was exhausted from all the queuing and screaming but was happy. 


So on Sunday it was my mums turn to take us. We jumped in the car around 8am on the way to London. I managed to write more on Emma’s letter and read her extracts I had been given the day prior. I honestly can’t wait for her book as it looks and is very amazing and funny. I was super excited although tired for the day ahead. Once we were at the excel we left my mum and headed in to get our meet a greet wristbands. As we got there super early we didn’t have to queue for them and pretty much got in straight away. We started walking down to costa after that so we could finish letters and grab a drink because we were so early to the event. But below and behold my small northern internet friend Alex comes running up to me. I’ve been friends with said person and her best friend Lara for a year now and oh wow was it amazing to see them. They were as small as predicted but so sweet. I gave them there letters and then for the second time we headed in to the event! We spent the first 15 minutes walking around together us three (Me, Lara and Alex) as Erin went off to give someone something for a friend. Then Lara and Alex ran off to the toilet and we met up with my friend Amber (she also have a blog that I’ll link below) because we wanted to do sincerely me from dear Evan Hansen at the open mic. We met up, signed up, and practiced. But then again we had to say goodbye and me and Erin had to queue up for Luke cutforths meet up. 

Once again when we got in we queued up. This time we didn’t end up making any friends in the queue. My friend finished her letter for Luke and we both listened to Dear Evan Hansen. But we did see my friends Kelli and Hannah in the queue and even though it was brief we did say hi and exchange letters. We spent about an hour and a half In Luke’s queue and then I got to meet him! 

Luke’s hugs are one of the best things on this planet BY FAR! Ran up to him (again) in tears and he basically picked me up. He is really strong and sorry Luke ahah. Once we hugged I gave him his letter (which he started reading out loud bare in mind and my handwriting is terrible so yeah that was embarrassing) but he read it and then hugged me again due to the contents of the letter. I rambled a bit about how much he made me smile and laugh and asked him to sign my book and we took some very sweet and cute photos and selfies (I actually love them that much that I have one of them on my lockscreen and all profile photos (pretty much) after Luke me and Erin found Amber and we headed over to costa. 

We had a really nice chat and found Erin’s internet friend  and headed over to the women who write panel in the main stage. We caught the end of it but sadly I had to head off again for Emma Blackerys meet and greet. It took a lot longer that expected to get through but none the less I got through and once in the queue listened to Dear Evan Hansen ahah no surprise. Along with meeting Evan Emma was one of my favourites. In the line I realised how much she had actually helped me and showed me so yeah tears happened. When I got to Emma I was a mess and when I ran and gave her a hug I can remember her saying “I love it when people run and then hug” I feel like maybe flattened her but I was still in shock. I gave her her letter and then explained myself and why I loved her and she said that I just needed to be stubborn with people and gave me a huge hug. She signed my notebook and we got a lot of photos and then I said about writing my own stuff because of her and she said “keep writing” and I will Emma I will. But again she was super nice and kind and I really want to meet her again. 

Still shaking I went off to find the others and I was very lucky I found them when I did as when I walked over to them they were stood with Hedy, Dodies sister having a conversation. I love Hedy and her art so much she’s so kind and just like any other person. We actually had a really cool conversation with her which was really nice and took a few photos and headed off in our little group. We went over to Dodies merch line hoping to meet her but whilst in that line I caught my eye on a Lucy moon. I love Lucy so much as she’s so honest and pure and also loves history. So as you do I ran over to her, got her to sign my notebook and got a photo with her. But after that we all headed off to the open mic as Josh (dodies manger) was showing something for dodies new EP “You” (the day I’m writing this it actually has come out and it’s amazing go listen to it). But when we got there we weren’t able to perform as Josh took up our slot. BUT we were able to meet him and I got a really snazzy photo with him and he signed my book aha. 

After that we headed over to the main stage to try and get a good spot for Dodies set  and the sitc awards which were coming later in the evening. 

When we got there we got there just in time for the summer in the City awards which were funny, cute, emotional and amazing. I think my favourite part of that was Emma. This is why I feel so lucky to have met her in all honesty. She won best song of the year award and she had no idea so came on crying her eyes out which is the cutest thing ever as she so bloody deserves the award she got by far! I’m so happy she won. 

Whilst there though we listened to a Q&A that Ricky Dillon and TheGabbieShow did. It was actually pretty funny and cool. We also heard this musician called Thalia Mar perform (?) I actually really liked her so when I’m able to I’m going to look her up. Then I was able to meet up with the last internet friend Kristyn! Kristyn was one of my first internet friends so it was so amazing to meet her and she’s so beautiful!!! But then I t was time for Dodie!!!!

It was incredibly loud with screams and music. But amazing. Dodie played some of her most amazing songs including the ones on her new EP. The only down side is it wasn’t very jump around sort of music. But it was fab!!! And if you ever get to see Dodie live go!!!! At the end of “would you be so kind” her final song everyone from sitc came on and omg it was freaking amazing. Words can’t describe how surreal it was. It felt so validating in my opinion. 

And that was pretty much it. 

I’m so lucky to have been able to go and I really want to go again. Maybe next year or the year after but it is definitely something I won’t forget in a hurry. Thank you to all the people that I got to meet or meet up with. Thank you to the organisers and Tom Burns once again you’ve done a fab job and I’m so proud. See ya again soon sitc!!!

My question for you today is; do you want to go to summer in the City? If you have who did you see and did you enjoy it? Are you planning to go next year? Well ttyl my krazies!! 

KK x 

Ambers Blog:

Thank you to all my friends as well: Amber, Honor, Erin, Alex, Lara, Penny, Jade, Elise, Izzy, Abi, Kelli, Hannah, Kristyn love you all loads! 


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