Germany and DEH 🇩🇪🎶

So in the past two weeks I’ve gone to Germany! I went on a German exchange. So I stayed with a family and went around Germany which was great! I’m going to explain each day and put some photos with it! 


So Monday we left for the airport. It went pretty well. I went to my first two classes and then we jumped on the coach. It was pretty good until my friend forgot what a passport looked like. But Monday was more traveling and sleeping than excitement but me and my friend took some photos on the plane so here you go 


So on Tuesday we went into Bonn and did some shopping. It was more a day of getting used to being in a German family life but me and my friends had a great time with a German waiter and we also got to see the mayor of Bonn which was cool even if he did speak in just German 


So not much happened on Wednesday 4 of us went into an English class but they weren’t doing much so we sat at the computers and watched YouTube for 2 hours . And then we did this team building race but it was raining so wasn’t that fun. And then a group of us went bowling (I won the first game oi oi ) 


On Thursday we went into Köln and into a sports museum which was pretty cool to be honest. But then I came home and slept I was really tired to be honest 


On Friday we went back into köln and went to this not very interesting tour of köln. We also got a bit of shopping time so me and my friends had a bite to eat then did a bit of shopping for friends. I had a great laugh . 


On Saturday we went to a museum and to Beatovens house which was really interesting. But I was really tired from trying to speak and learn German. 


We went to this roman thing as köln was ruled by the romans at one point. It was cloudy for most of the day though 

Monday : 

We again went into köln. And did a bit more shopping and site seeing. But it was a really nice day. We also went to a German TV studios 

Tuesday : 

On Tuesday we went to a museum in Bonn and did a few lessons in school which was pretty cool.


On Wednesday we went into this village and did some shopping and went on a cable car which was pretty cool and fun . The view was amazing and it was really hot as well 

Thursday : 

So we came home on Thursday which was sad but also nice to get home . I had a great flight listening to music and talking to friends. I really enjoyed Germany it gave me a great chance to talk in a different language and to see a country I’d never been to before. I felt so lucky and honoured to get a chance to do something like that. I would highly recommend going on a foreign exchange if you ever get the chance to. 

Dear Evan Hansen: 

So recently I’ve discovered the musical Dear Evan Hansen. I honestly wish I’d heard of it sooner. For the unaware Dear Evan Hansen is about a boy called Evan who’s trying to deal with social anxiety and the death of his classmate Connor Murphy. That’s what it’s about (in short) sadly as I don’t live in NY I haven’t had the opportunity to see it on boardway. But the soundtrack is what has made it so special to me. Ben Platt plays Evan SO well and his voice is incredible (they all are) and I feel like everyone will relate to that musical in one way or another. The songs have so much meaning and the emotion is indescribable. I’ll link Evan Edingers video he recently made on the musical, then you can make up your mind if it sounds like something you’d want to listen to. If you have please give me your opinions on it. What did you think of it and what’s your favourite song? Mine is maybe “you will be found” but they’re all incredible. 
Anyways! Sorry an update has been long awaited I’ve had a lot of exams but now I’m off for summer there should be more posts! (One a week a maybe but don’t hold me to that) catch y’all later x KK 

Evan Edingers video about DEH:


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