Long time, no see

Hello again, that feels oddly weird….well anyways hey, again. There’s a lot I want to express in a little time frame so I thought I’d explain the last few months with photos I’ve taken. 

I’m going to start right back in February which feels like ages ago now! So February was a pretty chilled month in all honesty. I met a load of new people especially and I was working my butt off with a high school musical performance (which I may or may not write about) so here are some chill photos from Feb 

March was a really interesting month. I somehow scrapped my way through another performance and said goodbye to more incredible faces. I also spent a lot of time with friends, which has made a massive impact on my life now. It’s really good I think that I managed to spend more time with those I love. It’s also the month where I gained a lot more self awareness of how I actually feel and not just how I should feel. But to contrast with all those amazing highs I did have my fair share of lows that month !! Which I am still working on getting better at !! So here are some interesting photos from your boy March !!

April, one of the most eye opening months ever. I met my Internet friend Amber (which was incredible) I made some more incredible friends and took part in the first leg of the German exchange at my school. I really enjoyed April, I also read “I’ll give you the sun” by Jandy Nelson. And honestly one of the most amazing books ever, so eye opening!! I really recommend!! 

Photos from April: 

May, which is nearly at the end!! How??? How has this year gone so fast already !! In all honesty mays been different and difficult for my mental state. I feel like I don’t have a place to complain as I know others have it a lot harder and I hope it gets better for them. But honestly I wish I didn’t have a voice in my head telling me everything. It’s horrible!! But none the less some of my ever so amazing friends have been there for me and I couldn’t thank them more !!! 

And that brings us up to now. My minds a mess and I could probably do with looking after myself better and indulging in more books. There’s one thing that’s bugging me about friends but this isn’t a place to share it. I want to get closer to those I love and I want to someday put my life back on the right path instead of always taking the easier option at the time and regretting it later. I’m also going to try and get my blog more known by letting more people know about it and I want to give it a revamp !! I’ll be at ya with a new post soon !! 


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