This piece of writing is based of how I feel that the voices in my head are slowly driving me towards insanity. 
Thoughts, they can be as small as a whisper or as loud as I siren either way they influence the choices that we make and the way we live our lives. They can save us, or they can kill us. They possess us in a way spirits, voices, hearts and even souls can’t figure out. Millions apon billions of whispers fill the minds of teens on the surface of darkness.

They scream and terrify those victims of the loneliness and brighten and accentuate the free and wild ones. 

Thoughts. They penetrate the mind into thinking alls okay, or they can earn sighs and outbursts of pain just from a single voice. 

Telling us what’s right and wrong, telling us to work harder even if we’re working at our hardest. They can pull us back down even if we’re flying higher than ever. Or they can brighten us, even if we’re absorbing light. 

Thoughts, they can brighten us or darken us, either way they will kill us in the end 


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