What is a real friend? 

Happy new year!!! I hope you all had a fab new year and Krazykoala is back! But with a bit more enthusiasm than a few explanation marks….I promise!! 

I really want to change how this blog looks and I 100% want to get more people reading this horrible mess I have provided on the Internet. So expect a few changes. 

Today I want to talk about what a real/true friend is. We all have expectations for our friends but they’re all a little different but here’s what I look for or see in my most reliable friends. 

Number 1. Kindness

I’m not sure how much is to much kindness with friends but some of my most kindest friends leave me little messages to wake up to when they know I’ve felt especially crap. Which honestly, even if I don’t show it, it means a lot. And just general understanding I think is quite key. A good friend wouldn’t abandon you without a legitimate excuse. 

 Number 2. Honesty

I don’t mean the honesty that comes with “does this dress look okay” I mean the honesty given to you when you most need it. Fallen out with your parents, ask an honest friend what they think is best. Done something you think might upset someone, ask that friend. They’re kind of like your sane when you’ve gone a little insane. 

Number 3. Maturity

I think this is probably the most important. I can’t stand people who put “I hate you” on their snap chat stories or make any argument they have with their friend public. That’s bitching!!! If you’re my friend you don’t bitch unnecessarily. I have some incredibly mature friends and they’re the ones *touches wood* I’ve never argued with. They’re the ones I’m constantly at peace with and oh my god let me tell you how amazing that feels to never have agreed with someone. 

Number 4. Similar sense of humour 

I get on with a lot of people because we’re very similar in the things we laugh at. This one is also quite important. You could be kind, mature and honest but if we don’t have one or two things in common then that is when it turns into a awkward friendship. I’ve spent hours on Skype and FaceTime with some of my closest friends because we can’t stop laughing or talking. I mean hours! It’s quite uncommon that I would spend less than 30 minutes talking to them. So shoutout to Erin for that and (because she asked) Lara and Alex who I shall be meeting this August and Lucy who’s my Scottish pal. They’re just some of the people I can and will spend hours talking to. 

Number 5. Able to have a laugh

Banta (messing around with your friends) if you can’t take a joke then we’re going to have a hard time. With the people I get on with the most there is always some sort of joke. I think it’s just part of my personality but it’s defiantly a must have. It might seem weird but I feel it brings you closer as people by laughing. Don’t take yourself to seriously and we can be friends. 

So there are my top 5 things I look for in a friend. What do you look for in a friend? Laughter, personality trates? Let me know in the comments and I shall see you next week my Krazies! 

This post is dedicated to Erin, Izzie, Rachel, Lucy, Alex, Ceceilia and Lara who have stood by me since the day we met and are the best people to ever exist on this earth. 


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