Love is the most deadly weapon of all 

Hey my friends! So I’ve taken time out of my Christmas to write this. And you may be wondering why. I’m not exactly sure how to word anything that’s about to appear on your page so I apologise in advance. 

You know when you’re in love with someone, and you can look at others and think they’re “hot” or have a great personality that you fall for instantly, but that one person always comes back into your mind as the person that truly makes you happy? What happens when that person is the only person that makes you smile in the dark, can’t be yours? What happens when you know that person will never be yours because the circumstances the world has put you both in? What happens when, love is the only thing killing and inspiring you? What then? 

I’m not sure what happens when all these questions come up in my mind. What I really want to know is it worth it? Is it worth keeping this relationship or should I let it fade away and try and move on? 

This is a hard thing for me to put into words but what am I meant to do when someone I can have comes into my life and gives me a similar vibe? Do I hang onto the love and relationship I have with this person and turn anyone else away that may give me a similar vibe because I’m hoping and willing for this person I am so ever in love with might become a reality? Or do I stop thinking and move on, try moving on from a love that I know will never be (at least until I’m 18) what if they meet someone else and I cry every night wishing it was me? 

So many questions I want awnsered but no one will ever understand as much as I will. This is where I’m struggling, I don’t know what I want to do or what is right. So have you experienced anything similar? Are you any good at relationships? 


3 thoughts on “Love is the most deadly weapon of all ”

  1. You are an amazing human being Lia flaws and all anybody would be lucky to have you, I’m lucky just to have you in my life x I know how it feels, been ones I had to let go due to circumstances, it gets better with time in some cases it takes longer x. DM me on Twitter if you ever need to talk x

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