The 5 days of blogmas (day 1) 

I found this post a while ago and I have also done it but I thought I would do it a bit more in depth for this post. 

Dear Ex 

Dear ex. Why in the world did you think our relationship was any use? I didn’t love you and never will. I hope one day you actually grow up and realise how childish you have been. Things and people change but it doesn’t mean you need to take everything you can out on them. 

Dear self. 

I hope you’re okay, and I mean okay. I hope you love yourself as much as others do and make the most of every single moment you breath. 

Dear mum. 

Dear mum. Thank you so much for letting me exist. Thank you for teaching me life isn’t as simple as it first appears. Thank you for making everything I do worth while and purely off my own choice. Thank you, 

Dear dad. 

Why? Oh yeah you’re a man. But thank you for teaching me that not everyone can be as nice as you want. Thank you for showing me you don’t need both parents to live. 

Dear crush. 

There’s so much I want to say to you that I can’t even think about it. I think the thing I need to tell you most is, maybe I’m falling for you but I’m not sure anymore. I love you. 

Dear school. 

You’ve taught me a hella lot. Thanks for showing me that friendships can suck and can also be amazing. Thanks for teaching me simultaneous equations and Pythagoras. 

Dear siblings. 

I love you, thanks for making my life hell/hevean. You’re so weird but I love it. Thanks for all the amazing memories and teaching me how to care for family. 

Dear past me. 

Three words. You’ve got this 

Dear first love. 

I love you but it’s never going to work out. And it breaks my heart but that’s life hey. 

Dear future me. 

How’s school? How’s friends? Right now you’re happy so make that last. Remember those who really care and get rid of those who don’t. You’ll be fine if you do what you love. Oh and how was SiTC? 

Dear best friend. 

You have no idea how much I love you. Even if I don’t show it you mean more than anyone I’m so lucky to have you. I miss you more than you think 

Dear future child. 

You’ve got this and you know you have. I hope I’m a good mum and show you how love and life works. And I hope your father is better than you mums. 

Dear person I hate. 

It’s okay to hate me just don’t take it out on me. It’s your opinion and your problem not mine so dong make it mine (: 

Dear person I love. 

Well there are many people I do love. And all I’m saying is it takes a lot to gain my love so you’ve done well and I’m really happy to have you in my life and don’t want to lose you. 

Dear ex best friend. 

Never have really had one. I’ve only ever had one best friend which is my current one so…….

Dear people who hate me. 

Hate me all you like you’re just wasting time and engery on someone who frankly doesn’t care whatsoever. The only people I care of their opinions are the ones that I care about. So do what you like o just don’t care. 
I know this was kinda short but I’m waiting for a friend and have a little bit of time (: hope you all have a great Christmas xx ttyl my Krazies 


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