50 facts about me! (Blogmas day 2)

So I thought I would do a bit more of a light hearted post because we’re all going back to school/work and we’re drowning in homework and not enough self confidence….so let’s just reveal some more horrible truths about yours truly. Let’s go (I was saying that in a mario accent…..

  1. Two years ago my friend burnt me with a glue gun 
  2. Most of my friends are older than me 
  3. I ship Phan 
  4. For GCSEs I want to take history, German, drama and music 
  5. I have been perfoming for nearly 10 years 
  6. My favourite subject is Drama 
  7. My birthday is on December 23rd 
  8. I can play piano and clarinet 
  9. I own 12 YouTubers books 
  10. I am going to SITC next year 
  11. I have WAY more internet friends than IRL ones 
  12. My least favourite subject is IT
  13. I have been watching YouTube for about 4 years now
  14. I am currently subscribed to 118 channels 
  15. I have never met a youtuber 
  16. I hate mint flavoured food! I don’t mind toothpaste but food like gum I hate 
  17. I have an awesome friend called Heather
  18. I have been to: Colorado, Wales, Devon, Manchester, Greece, Leeds, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland (south) and I will have gone to Australia and Germany this time next year 
  19. I have 16 social media apps
  20. I’ve liked 13,812 posts on tumblr 
  21. I’m currently reading the book fangirl 
  22. My favourite colour is mint green 
  23. My favourite movie is Hunger game
  24. My favourite musical of all time is Hairspray 
  25. I have been skiing most years since I was 3
  26. I’ve never actually been in a proper relationship 
  27. The only time I’ve ever received a detention was when I kicked a boy in the stomach
  28. I currently have a following of 5,056 people on my phandom account 
  29. I currently have 2,289 photos on my camera roll 
  30. I’ve only moved house once 
  31. I can sing lyrics and type something completely different at the same time 
  32. I’ve been to the Harry Potter studios twice in one week 
  33. My patrouns I’m pretty sure is a deer 
  34. I’ve met Dick and Dom (they’re a comedy duo) 
  35. I secretly ship Ant and Dec 
  36. I once read a book that was 1,306 pages long 
  37. When I was in primary we were split into houses and our team won 2 out of the 3 sports days 
  38. People who think they know eveything are the people who annoy me the most 
  39. I always seem to be very early to a trend but not know what they are and then drop the trend when it starts to become popular 
  40. My very first audition I did was when I was 8 and it was all the way up in London 
  41. I hate spiders 
  42. I read the amazing book is not on fire (the entire thing) in 5 hours 
  43. The day I met my first ever internet friend I can remember like it was yesterday 
  44. I’ve perfomed with this organisation “young voices” 3 times where we sing a bunch of songs in the O2 arena
  45. Christians is my favourite holiday 
  46. I saw the changing of the guards 5 years ago 
  47. I got my period on the day before a huge swimming competition 
  48. I like to read smut (that’s more of a confession) 
  49. I used to sit in sinks for fun 
  50. I have 1 brother

I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll talk to you all later xxx 


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