Music I’ve been enjoying 

Ello, hope y’all okay. So I’ve been ADDICTED to my music recently (oh great another thing to add to my ever growing list of “things that have over taken my life”) but I thought it was about time I share it with you and open your eyes to different artists. And I can guarantee that all the songs I mention are worth having a listen too! So let’s go! 

Number 1: 

So this song is called perfect and it is by Emma Blackery. She is actually a youtuber as well! I’ve kinda become obsessed with her and her music recently so that’s why she’s come out of nowhere. But this song is honestly one of my favourites right now. It’s about that you’re perfect no matter what and the way she brings it forward is so powerful and amazing. Defiantly worth putting on you motivation playlist! 

Number 2: 

Sign Language by Dylan Gardner is honestly so upbeat I love it. It’s not exactly the words but the rhythm and sound is just so uplifting. I found Dylan through Shane Dawsons snap chat so thanks mate! But if you don’t think that’s good enough! He goes and follows me and likes one of my tweets! KINDA SCREAMING! 

Number 3: The promise by Emma Blackery (see I told you I liked her) is honestly such a “relatable” song. Apparently she wrote it when someone told her they wanted to die. And just the message she gets across in the song makes me cry. But it’s so heart felt that it’s just incredible. Go listen and you might feel a bit more happier! 

Number 4: This also is by Emma (STOP JUDGING ME I CAN SEE YOU YOU KNOW!) but this again is such a sweet song about her and a lover. But what I love is you could put a friend in that situation and it still works. It’s such an adorable song that I could listen to for hours. 

Number 5: Right this one, urm unless your part of the phandom probably not best to listen to this….but if you are part of the mad world of Phan…go ahead if you haven’t heard it already but I’m warning you now and don’t blame me: You WILL cry. It’s such an amazing song and it still amazes me how someone can write such an amazing song. But it will make you cry. Especially if they mean a lot to you. 

Number 6:  This also is by Caroline and omg. One day I was walking to school and listening to my music and then this song comes on. I look at the name and I know I’ve had friends go on about this song so I keep it on and then I freeze, right in the middle of the road. I DID NOT EXPECT TO BE CRYING ON MY WALK TO SCHOOL!!!! So yeah…once again only the phandom will understand but great song! 

Number 7:  When by Dodie Clark is honestly so beautiful and true it’s unreal. It is essentially about not falling in love and asking when. But it is so beautiful with all the strings and it just fits so perfectly on her EP. So once again listen to this and just take in every single word. You’ll see what I mean. 

Number 8:  Absolute Smitten is also by Dodie (nah I hate her lmao) but this is like sign language doesn’t apply to me too much but it’s how happy and upbeat it is with the ukulele and all. I’m not really an upbeat kinda girl but this song is absolute perfection (see what I did….I apologise immediately) 

Number 9: I’ve always love Laurens music from the moment I found it. But this song (once again) is very upbeat and just one you want to dance to for years.! 

Number 10: 

 This is by mr Rusty Clanton (weird name Ik) his music though is so peaceful and calming. But this song is upbeat again but purely beautiful. The way the lyrics flow and just make it the cutest song to ever exist. So if you can play the guitar and are in a relationship play them this song I promise you 110% they’ll love it. 
Number 11: Another Lauren song (no surprises there then) she brought out this remix of one of her songs for a movie that I can’t remember the name of. But it’s pretty cute and quirky and because I love all her music this just tops the cake. 

Number 12: Also is fools by Lauren. This is mine and my friend Morgan’s song. It’s so beautiful and me and my friend Ellie love it so so much. Probably one of my all time faves 

Number 13: Human by Rusty is so beautiful honestly SO beautiful. Just everything about it. When you’re walking the dog, walking to school or whatever put it on and turn the volume up. And just listen to the lyrics. 

Number 14: Also by the incredible artist is How I know. And honestly ah can’t get enough of this song! I first heard Dodie do a cover on it and absolutely love it! So calming! 

Number 15: Obviously a lot of people like this but it means a lot more than just a song to me. When I first heard it it was in a dance I did and I love it. Just the words are incredible. Just agh amazing! 

So I hope at least one of you go and listen to one of the songs I suggested because they truly are amazing! I do have a few more songs that I haven’t put on here so if you want to see that then give this a like (bloody hell it sounds like a YouTube video)! I might also, be doing 5 days of blogmas….so the 5 days leading up to Christmas I post something but I’m not sure because on one of those days it just so happens to be my birthday. But we’ll see! See ya later my Krazies X 


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