Sexualitys, Trump and other random stuff 

Hiya guys! So, first off, sorry for not posting that regularly I’m in a state of a) stress b) shock and c) just in a mental state of depression (that’s just shows how much time on the internet I spend) so today the 09/11/16 Donald Trump was voted as the new president of America. Don’t get me started on how I feel about this! As much as I I love political debates I’m not really up for a shit storm so I’m avoiding that. Follow me on Twitter if you want that lot. But ANYWAYS!!! It struck a thought when all this happened. One of the things that Trump is against is sexualitys and genders. 

I want to speak about this because one of the reasons trump was voted for  was the people who voted for him are scared of this whole concept of people not just being straight. They’re scared and don’t want to accept that society is different. But it is, it’s changing and that’s just something people are going to need to accept. So today I want to talk about sexualitys and genders. 

I’m only going to be talking about the basics because to some people this could be completely new. So I’m just going to show you this post I found on tumblr (no idea who the original creator is) and maybe it might make sense  These are probably the basic sexualitys but trust me there are SO many more. Me and my friend were talking about this and honestly this post should be given to every student because some people need to realise that society IS changing and we need to learn to accept it. Not going to lie here I’m still getting used to certain things about people doing whatever they want it still doesn’t feel right because I’ve been brought up knowing that isn’t normal but as I have grown up I’ve realised it is normal and should be okay (which it is). So here is just a SIMPLE guide to the sexualitys 

Heterosexual:  A person who is only attracted to members of the opposite sex. Also called “straight.”

Bisexual:  A person who is attracted to both people of their own gender and another gender. Also called “bi”.

Pasexual:  A person who experiences sexual, romantic, physical, and/or spiritual attraction for members of all gender identities/expressions, not just people who fit into the standard gender binary (i.e. men and women)

Demisexual: when it takes a long time for a person to feel sexually attracted to another being. (Also known as only one person has the key to that being)

Asexual: A person who generally does not feel sexual attraction or desire to any group of people. Asexuality is not the same as celibacy

Homosexual: basically all gay and lesbian people and sometimes refered to as other sexualitys 

Please let me know if any of this information is wrong 

So some great places to find more stuff like is out are: 

Tumblr (of course it is literally the hub for LGBTQ+ people) but be careful as most LGBTQ+ poets are just rants 

Urban Dictionary: Just type in any sexuality or gender you don’t understand and it will give you a pretty clear awnser 

Definitions: This website has SOME of the definitions but not all of them. 

Now onto genders! 

Transgender: A person that desires to be the opposite gender to what they have been given at birth. (Male to female or female to male) 

Genderfluid: A person who’s gender changes and differs over time 

This is also a great website to find out about terms used by the LGBTQ+ community

So I’ve only given 2 ‘trans’ if you call it that gender rolls but there are lots more. If you are in any doubt of any terms or any meanings then tumblr or just the Internet in general is a great place. 

Please never discriminate people of different sexualitys or genders. It is not right and never is. What has happened in the US is terrible and there is so much he is gulity of more than just being homophobic. So just please be nice to people and support them. I myself have a lot of friends who aren’t just straight so I’m used to it. But others might not so just be aware of anything. I hope you found this useful ttyl xx


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