Phan, Phan and Phan 

Hey guys! So today (if you couldn’t have guessed) I want to talk about Phan! If you are completely like (omg wtf is she talking about.) then first advice (or protip) LEAVE! You most likely won’t get most of this. But if you’re curious stick around just don’t blame me for ruining your life. 

So for those of you who decided to stick around Phan is a ship (when you like the idea of two people being in a relationship) and it just so happens one of the most popular is Daniel James Howell and Philip Micheal Lester. Who also just so happen to be YouTubers. And very amazing (sorry I apologise) as well. And because me and my friend Emma are huge phans (fans) we decided to meet up over the summer for THE BEST PHAN SLEEPOVER EVER! Bit anticlimactic but oh well. So me Emma and Lily all met up and well…it was. Let me explain. 

The Phan sleepover: 22/08/16 

So it all started with going to Emma’s. We had it all planned out. A playlist with all of Dan and Phils videos (well not all of them that would take forever to go through but a select few that all came down to careful elimination) and we were making PSPCs (pumpkin spice pumpkin cookies they make in a baking video) and extreme Easter nests. (It’s in the name really). It was going to be incredible. So I turned in all black (as you do) and first things first, WHISKERS! Mmmhmm I suggest whenever drawing whiskers on your face to use eyeliner or if you don’t wear makeup a clean dry wipe because sharpie is going to kill you. So we whiskered ourselves up and listened to some aesthetic music (Troye obvs) and took some cute photos. And just so happens we were all wearing black (how depressing)

And we both had our TABINOFs  (lily doesn’t own one rip) so that was all okay (TABINOF is the amazing book is not on fire. It is Dan and Phils (first) book). After that we decided to make the extreme Easter nests but guess what? Yeah we messed up. We basically put to much butter in one of the layers and we needed more chocolate so. We ventured outside to get some chocolate. But guess what? Haha yeah you know those whiskers we drew on our faces?  (to much emotions would be caused if I explain the whiskers) we forgot to take them off!  So it wasn’t until Emma pointed out we still had them on. Even though it was a little embarrassing everyone looked at us it was so funny that I would never forget it. So we bought the chocolate and turns out those Easter nests were pretty incredible. I could eat them for days. 

Then we sat down and ate a few and carried on with the amazing playlist Emma so kindly made. We also had dinner and just talked Phan! Then we made the PSPCs (which were also incredible!)  look we tried okay! They were really nice though! 

Then we sat down on the floor where we would be sleeping on with a bag of Doritos the cookies and cakes and just talked. What I love about this is the fact that we (me, Emma and Lily might not have been freinds without Dan and Phil. And I love both those girls loads! When lily fell asleep me and Emma watched some YouTube and then just browsed the Internet until 4am then also fell asleep. When we woke up it was midday and we packed up and went home. Honestly it was so fun I would do that night over and over again. It just felt nice to loosen up and forget about school for a while and talk about something we all loved. That day will never be forgotten. 

TATINOF and DOCUMENTRY realse: 05/10/16-07/10/16 

So today (the day I’m writing this) I got to finally watch TATINOF and the making of it with Emma. The movies came out two days ago and we have been hyped ever since. For those of you confused TATINOF is basically the stage show to TABINOF and the doc is the making of it. But for those of you who do know what I’m waffling on about then if you haven’t seen them. Watch them. They ruin you (literally 2 seconds in and me and Emma were dead) TATINOF is filled with so many references and jokes that only phandom members get (which I also love because it’s like our own little language that makes us laugh and cringe at the same time.) I seriously was in tears but it was amazing and I so wish I could have gone so bad! It would have been incredible but it was so much money. But none the less I’m happy I finally got to see them with such a good friend. 

So we watched TATINOF which lasted an hour and a half then went to Costa and Superdrug and just chilled and tried to calm form from TATINOF (which killed us both I can assure you 

So once we got home we tried *cough* to make pasta (it worked…kinda) and watched the making of TATINOF which lasted for an hour. Once again very emotional but slightly less intense. And after that. Phangirled for a bit then Emma went home. *cries* but today was truly amazing and I won’t be forgetting that in a hurry.  

It’s days like those where you can completely absorb yourself into something you love and forget about what’s happening. The meaning of TATINOF was something I never expected. Something different. The story line for one was really different and the ending was so surprising. But what it was about was that you shouldn’t have to change to fit in. As Phil said “let’s all be losers together” and that’s something I’m going to live by for a long time. Anyways I’m going to go and die at all the edits on tumblr then sleep! Ttyl my Krazies X 


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