Just Say Yes! 

Hey my Krazies! How are you all? Sorry I haven’t been active recently it seems I underestimated the amount of homework I was actually going to be given. Oh also the friendship dramas and musicy stuff as well. So urm……lets just pretend I’ve never been gone hey! 

So today I wanted to talk about just saying yes. At the end of this year (school year) there is a dance “competition” what I mean by “competition” is you have to choreograph your own dance. And well, especially over the last year I’ve really taken an interest in dance. So I thought, why not join the dance club? I mean I love to dance, maybe I’m not as skilled as some other people but I bet I’m the only one who can sing, dance AND ACT. All at once. So guess what, yup I just said yes and joined, there’s no going back now. So far it’s been going pretty well. I mean I’m getting out of Breath easily during the warm up but that’s because I’m unfit…*cough*. 

So back to the “competition”. For the last two years I’ve whimped out of it because I’m scared of what people would say and what I would do. And I didn’t really like the idea of a certain called solo. So I ditched the idea completely. But this year it’s different. It’s the last year in KS3 (middle school) and I will (after that) be starting my GCSEs (huge exams) and because I’m so amazing *flicks hair* (jokes I’m not that great) at drama and music I’m taking those so I won’t be able to take dance as a subject. (Geez I’m not explaining this well…GOOGLE IT!) so I want to make most of the time I have AND if I want to be a performer I will need to be able to dance (and I can but not well). So maybe I’ll give the “competition” a shot this year. What you think? Tbh I’m just hoping my friend Rachel will be able to give me intense lessons and help me choreograph it. Anyways hope you’re all doing well! Ttyl my Krazies X 


9 thoughts on “Just Say Yes! ”

  1. Aww im so proud of you Lia ❤ I did say yes, I’m part of a local church schools team and we are putting on a Christmas Presentation for primary school aged kids 😃 we have read through the first part of the script, I’m so excited i really enjoyed reading it out ❤

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      1. Yeah I will do, I really can’t wait, the only thing im nervous about is the dress rehearsal will be in front of people from the churches involved haha 😩

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      2. You’ll be fine. Just imagine them all popping….THAT NEVER WORKS DONT DO THAT! There’s not to worry about trust me it could be worse. Just relax and it will all work out


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