Why are friendships so confusing? 

Everything’s just so confusing. One moment you have all the friends you’ve ever wanted and the next you have none, well at least it feels like none. 

What I want you all to know before I carry on is this is just pure thought and it’s me spillling my emotions out onto a keyboard. 

When I was younger things felt so simple in how friends worked. You were friends then you had an argument and you weren’t then you were. Pretty simple. But now, not so much. Your worrying about more than just your own connections. I’m the worst person for sympathy. I care way to much for other people’s feelings. Things change so often I don’t know how to react. I mostly put others before myself but is that always a good thing? I’m so confused by others relationships and letting mine over grow. I have a great great great friend. I pour my heart out to her pretty much every night. But after our last conversation I’m not sure. It feels weird that I care almost to much. 

There’s an amazing song by Laruen Aquilina and it’s called Suddenly Strangers. And I’m in love with it. It’s so so true. The fact someone can go from being your life to not existing in it at all. “From talking every hour to not knowing where you are now.” It’s true. And it’s happened to me countless times. But that’s off topic. What I’m trying to say is maybe staying out of these friendships was a good idea. But then again, everything at the moment is a mess in my life so I couldn’t say. Ttyl my Krazies X 


1 thought on “Why are friendships so confusing? ”

  1. Literally don’t know what happened I am so good at this 🙈 wasn’t meant to delete your entry on my last post sorry ❤


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