Totally true Thursday 

Waasup, people of the Interwebs! I’m back with this series. I’ve tried to do this a bit more…differently. I’ve changed the name and slightly different taste. Like a different taste of ice cream. I want you all to spend Thursday doing what you love. Because (for me and many others) I hate Thursday. It’s the day just before the last and seems to feel like the worst. Maybe it’s not for you. Maybe you love Thursdays. Personally I hate them but everyone hates (maybe) one day of the week. I will still be doing all the quotes and blah blah but I also want to spend it ranting about my week and not spillling it into one huge blog post that probably doesn’t even make sense. Also just to update you on things such as, the blog, school etc. So here’s to new starts and posts. Ttyl my Krazies X 


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