But what if you fly? 

This is dedicated to two of probably some of the best people to exist love you both loads. You’ll know who you are. 

Once there were three close friends. They were inseparable. They cared about each other so much it hurt being apart. Bye due to age they were all in different years. First of all there was Rebecca, she was the oldest out of the three. She was also the most inspiring. The positive thinker. The one who always looked on the bright side of life. She was the sun of the group. The second one was Indie. She was the second oldest and second youngest. The middle. But was the intelligent. She pretty much had her life sorted at that moment in time. Well the others thought she was Anyways. Haha. And the youngest was Lia. She was the one who spent her life wonder what was going to happen. Like the other two she was in a place where she was scared, she was hurt. And she didn’t know what was going to happen. And it was horrible that they, the three thar loved and cared for each other so much had to spend so little time together. But they all knew they would be hell in the same year as each other. “We would be the group everyone would walk away from” Rebecca would always say. Lia never believed it though. She knew they were the two she would do anything for. That was a friendship she wasn’t prepared to throw away. It wasn’t your usual friendship it really wasn’t. There was age, life and love in thar bond they had. 

It finally came, the day when, Lia the youngest would be alone. Not completely alone of course. But it wasn’t going to be the same. The same as it always had been. She didn’t know how she felt about all of it. She spent hours on the phone to both indie and Rebecca. They had both gone through similar things so they knew it would be okay. Lia found it to hard to believe. She felt like every little breath could be her last before the tears started flowing. The first day wasn’t quite as easy as she had told herself it would be. It was hard to be where she was. All the negitive thoughts she wasn’t used to. 

Later that night she was on the phone talking to Rebecca. It hadn’t been an easy first day. Everything had gone belly up. 

“But I can’t do this Rebecca!” 

“I can’t stand it, everything. I can’t do this. It hurts so much.” 

“What if tomorrow is harder than today. I can’t go through that again.” She repeated the same thing to Indie. 

“You’ll be okay I promise from the bottom of my heart. I’ve done it so so can you.” Indie said. 

“I’m so proud of you Lia you have no idea, it reminds me of my favourite quote Bur what if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?” 

What if I fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly? 

Hi, krazy Koala here. Sorry for how bad my writing is. I can write better I promise but my heads a complete mess tbh. I wrote this for my friends (unnamed). Their my true friends. It’s taken me 13 years of my life to find these but I’ve finally found them. It’s not like any other friendship. It’s had years of life. Just this year it’s stronger than ever. I really don’t care what you think of me after this. If I know you in real life or not. I’ve found my friends (IRL) and I don’t need more. Would I like more? Yes. Do I need more? No. I’m okay. This year really isn’t going to be the easiest but I know I can do it. These two are the people that make me see sense? I’m not sure. There’s one thing I do know. I’m the luckiest person alive to have them both so close to my heart. I can’t wait to see them on Friday. That’s the only thing keeping me going. Friday, I’ll get there. And so will you. There’s so much I could say to them but that’s another story. Ttyl my Krazies X 


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