What’s happening? 

Okay, I’ll just get straight to the point. I have no idea what’s going on. My mind is a complete battle feild. So many thoughts are fighting to get attention. I’m actually going back to school in 3 days (why?) so that isn’t really helping my mental state. Like seriously who wants to go back to missing pens and unbareable homework? Well not me that’s for sure. I’ve got a lot I want to talk about really but I’m hoping when I get back to school I’ll be able to upload more regularly than sitting in my room at 5am creeping myself out with Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theory videos. (I don’t recommend) great videos but horrible after affects. So on the whole uploading thing, my app (on my phone) isn’t working. Long story but I think it’s because I have to much on my phone and there isn’t enough room. (Oops) so I’m currently writing this on my iPad (I promise this isn’t sponsored by apple products I just like their stuff)  and I’m not sure how long it’s going to be like this but we’ll just see……and ask one question. What day would it be easier for me to upload for you guy? Just curious. 

Also the new YouTube rules. Like I’m sorry but WHaT, if you’re unaware YouTube are wanting to restrict certain content from being shown online to make it “ad friendly” it’s absolute trash. I’m not sure in the exact rules but I’m aware of the basics. And tbh I’m not a very happy person about it all. Let me know your options down below because I’m p*ssed about it all. Oh well that’s YouTube hey……

Well school starts soon and I’m hoping to get into a routine of some sort (yeah like that’s going to happen) but if I do then blog posts will be more regular (sorry) and let’s hope YouTube gets it’s life together before we next chat otherwise I might go insane. Ttyl my krazies X 


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