The Internet is crazy

The Internet is crazy. It’s a known fact. It can be crazy in a good way and not so good. But in all its crazy. Over the last 4 years YouTube and social media have consumed my life. And it’s a crazy, crazy place. 


Why is it crazy? For many reasons. Over the last 4 years I’ve become pretty obsessed with a lot people. (we’ll get to that later) but it’s how powerful team Internet actually are. 

When you join a certain fandom you become part of a huge loving family. I know all to well how kind and caring some of the people on the Internet can be. Some of them are just crazy in how nice they are. But whenever I see an edit or a post it reminds me of the crazy fandom I’m in. I’ve made so many friends because of what I like online. And if you’ve been watching that persin for a while it feels weird in a way. It feels weird, like you want to cry when you see them laughing or making a joke about something. It’s so weird to think someone who posts a video of them prank calling people can be the difference between happiness and sadness. 

Recently I went back and watched the radio one teen awards 2014 and when you hear the vloggers being announced and  all the fans screaming and cheering on their favourite vloggers.  It blew my mind. Recently Zoella (a.k.a Zoë Sugg) hit 11 million subscribers, (congrats Zoë) I’ve been part of this gang since 5 million or maybe even less I’m not quite sure. But what i do know is  it’s so overwhelming. These ordinary people who had ordinary lives have written books, created music, made films, performed stage shows! All because of what they post online and the huge following they have created. Dan Howell (aka Danisnotonfie) also hit 6 million subscribers (well done Dan) and I may have not been part of this fandom (phandom) for as long but it’s still incredible. Which leads me onto my next point. The people you meet. 

Only in the last week I’ve met 5 incredible and amazing and just plain sweet people because of the people who I watch daily, weekly, monthly on YouTube. I’ve grown so close to some (Andi, Cecilia, Jordyn, Süs, Laura, Ezrah, Hanna, Amber, Benjamin)  that they are what stop me from doing terrible things. Yes that may be online but I really think that in teenage, early 20s and through life you aren’t going to feel great every day. Life starts to become a bit more real when you reach secondary, high school. And you crumble but if can build yourself back up. The people you meet, they mean the world to you. (Side note if I know you via the Internet and you just so happen to be reading this I love you with all my heart if we’ve known each other for months or days ily!) 

For those of you who know me well may know I went through hell earlier this year. But it was also the time I really depended on the Internet and I think it’s safe to say I may not be here writing this now if it wasn’t for the YouTubers and friends on the Internet. 

Also, the reason this is so so crazy is this is the first generation of “Internet” as it were. It’s the first time the internet’s been used like it is. Parents don’t understand what goes through their kids mind when that notification comes saying someone’s uploaded at 17 minute video. But us, we will. And that’s what I love about this. We have no idea what’s going to happen in the future with the Internet. None of this has happened before. 20 years ago YouTube wasn’t a thing. And YouTubers didn’t know that it would become their life. But now it’s one of the biggest things in the entire world. I love it. 

I love how much people genuinely care about how I feel and how I am. Someone who may be on the other side of the world but still care. People have grown their best friends they’ve ever had because of the people they watch I’ve met people from America to New Zealand, to Germany and right here in England. And it’s not just them helping me I’ve helped them and you would not believe how greatful I am that they are alive. When they say I’ve helped them I feel somthing. Truly special. 

If you find the right YouTubers, they care about you more than you could ever imagine. For instance Alfie today. He used to ask us on a scale of 1-10 how we were. And he’s re started it again which I’m so happy about He wants to do everything in his power to make us feel happy and positive. And he has, I’ve seen it and its crazy! He’s created along with many other YouTubers a place we can be ourselves, laugh, smile and be confident. Alfie is one of those people I’m going to cry in front of when I (hopefully) meet him because as I said. It’s crazy. The world the current generation have created, it’s insane. It is. I never thought it was possible to go through hell with a smile on your face and cry laughing at every given opportunity. But it’s possible. I have done it. No matter what my friends say that the internets a bad place. Your looking the wrong way if it’s a bad place, because it’s insane at how homely it can feel logging into tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube to see happy positive people telling me to stay strong. It’s like opening a home door after a holiday. It’s welcoming. I feel like all people talk about these days is how bad a place the Internet is. And yes you do have to be careful but if you know what your doing. It’s one of the best things out there. No matter who you are, where you come from, who you like. There’s a place for you and people will love you. Just seeing what these people who post their lives on the Internet can do is crazy. 

Here’s a story for you. A few days a go a friend from my class came over to mine, but the way we know each other is because we both like something on the Internet. And I think she’s one of the only people that I’m going to talk to a lot in the future. But I wouldn’t have known her without the Internet. I wouldn’t have had a day I never want to forget without the Internet. So yeah…..the internets crazy. And right this second I’m with more friends that I know because of the YouTubers online. 


YouTubers, bloggers, social media. They all put a smile on your face in the lowest of times, your part of their world. If you’ve been watching them for a while you’re like a family. You have inside fandom jokes you have memories. I find this a lot with alfie, Zoë and Joe. They’ll say “oh if you were watching me 3 years ago you’ll remember this!” And I do. It makes me laugh so much. And I’ve built a wall around all these negitive thoughts because of this community. 

So yeah the Internet is a crazy place if you look in the right browser. But what really gets me is, I was one moment away from not following you, I was one second away from not finding your channel. I was one breath away from not messaging you. I was one second away from never knowing you existed. And a billion incidences had to happen for me to know you, and frankly, I’m so happy that all of them happened because I wouldn’t be who I am right this minute without you. So the Internet is a crazy place. Ttyl my Krazies! 

First ever messages that changed my life (I did ask for permission to post these!) 

I know this was uploaded a few days ago but I found this on Instagram and it’s the final thing that I want to add to this 

Plesse. Go watch it X 


11 thoughts on “The Internet is crazy”

  1. You are such a softy 😛 we love you too thats why we are always here, not because of the fandom but because of the kindness you are 🙂 x

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      1. I know it is the truth lovely and I wont stop because you mean alot to us and you need to stop thinking otherwise x

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