If you weren’t afried to lose it why photograph it? 

Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing well and having a great day no matter what’s happened! 

So today I want to talk about photos and losing things. You’re probably wondering why and how that relates. Well it somehow does. 

Somehow it’s proven (don’t ask how I know) that when you take a screenshot of something, or take a photo of something it shows that you never want to lose that thing or memory. It’s never really came to me but it’s true. I’m always taking photos of people I like (in a non creepy way OKaY!) and of sweet and nice things people say to me, because I can and. I don’t want to lose those things. I don’t want to loose the people who make me happy or make me feel like I’m a human with a life. 

So if you ever come across a thing that you want to remember. Take a photo of it! Let me know things that you have saved on your phone and why you love them. Ttyl my Krazies! X 

Sorry I’m trying out a few new things……bye!!! 


7 thoughts on “If you weren’t afried to lose it why photograph it? ”

  1. Bless you KK Inever really thought about it I have photos and screenshots of family and also of funny but cute youtubers named Amelia and Grace, too many sometimes but they are special, and so are you, much love (@MandevilleFans)

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