Life can be crazy, but it can’t 

Life can be crazy, but it isn’t always. In those times you can’t give up.” 

At the moment it’s the summer break for me so I’ve got six weeks to soak up the sun and catch up on endless sleep. But what I’ve come to realise is you can’t give up on your dreams or ambitions. No matter what. Some people see summer as the time for rest and I do to, which is where I’m wrong. Summer is only time away from the world but it’s not time away from your life (unfortunately). It’s six weeks where you don’t have to do much so why give up on your dream in those six weeks? Make it better. Practice, get better. You’ve got time to make yourself the best you can. And that’s what I’ve found. I love to perform and when I say “I love” I mean I can’t stop thinking about being up on stage singing, dancing and acting. I’ve dreamt about it so much. And whilst I was dancing in my kitchen (it’s the only space big enough okay) I realised that no matter how much I think I can just “chill” in this time I should be getting better, working harder. Harder than I ever have before. So with 4 weeks left im going to practice singing, strech, practice. Because then next year I can go onto that stage better than ever. So whatever you want to do if that be singing, writing, drawing. Spend every hour you have getting better. If you enjoy it, do it. Sometimes life can be crazy like during term but when it’s not you’ve got to make its crazy with passion and love and inspiration. Other wise what’s the point of having a summer? It’s up to you to make your life as amazing as you want it not me, not your friends, not your dog. YOU. 

So I’m going to spend the next four weeks making a load of dances up. Singing, writing and acting out secnes. Because I love it and enjoy it. See ya later my Krazies X 


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