You know that feeling when you just want to crawl up into a ball and cry? Yup, that’s me. We all are hiding a feeling, thought or emotion from our best friend. We never share our entire existence with our friends and I think that’s what people forget sometimes. That as much as their friend might share with them they have never told the whole story. 

I don’t want to make this into a whole “omg my life’s hard FML.” Because it really isn’t. I’ve got friends who are probably dealing with a hell lot worse. The reason I’m writing this is to put this blog to good use. And im presuming if your reading this you care about me? If that’s not the case then feel free to stop reading right now because your just going to be wasting your time mate. 

Feeling alone is a thing that we all feel once in a while. It’s a horrible feeling but it happens I understand that but when it’s every day of the holidays it’s kinda hard. My family constantly telling me I’m lazy (which I know I am no need to lazy shame me) but I feel like just turning around to them and saying “well you get my friends to organise plans for me then.” But obviously I wouldn’t because I’m not a normal human with a brain (come on we established this quite some time ago) 

I feel anxious that people are going to leave me and forget me. Which I know will happen if I keep just sitting around on my bed listening to Troye Sivan on repeat and reading a Phan fic smut (a bit specific…..) but do you see my point. I’m not going to get anywhere sitting alone in my room yet no one feels the need to make so called plans. I get it people got their summer sorted ages ago and I haven’t I GET IT. But I feel just trapped, does anyone else feel like that? I hope you understand. See ya later my Krazies X 

Thank you Süs for the help recently love you lots xxxx


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