i found this on my ever so amszing tumblr

Daydreaming, we all do it. If it be only once in a while or every single day. I’m constantly daydreaming. When I was younger I used to make up whole worlds in my head. I still do. Maybe not as much as I used to but you really get trapped in your own little world where your’re who you want to be and you have the friends you’ve always wanted. I used to get so embarrassed when people caught me in such worlds. But looking back on it now I’m happy I loved doing that and carry on doing it. My life’s defiantly got a lot harder than it used to be but at the same time it’s got better. I can’t tell you how much I used to look forward to coming home and just going upstairs into my room and pretending everything was OK. I seriously got lost in those worlds and still do. But as you get older you change and so does your imagination. I’m still a very creative person thanks to the drama I do but my worlds I let myself into are different. For instance when I was younger I used to imagine I was in a boarding school and that I had three amazing best friends. Tiffany, Chelsea and Brooke. But now my imagination is down in the story’s I write. Love, friends and music and drama. Things do change but my inner child never will. 

In class I’m constantly rushing my work so I can get back into these worlds. They are like a drug. You need them to survive. You might not but I do. This thing you create it makes everything feel so much better. I remember when I went through a phase in primary where no one talked to me so I just created my own little world. It got to the point where teachers actually thought I was upset. I was but in a different way. So just know it’s ok to day dream. It brings a lot of happy memories! See ya later my Krazies X


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