Will speaking out help? 

We all have that time in our lives when we want to tell the world about our problems but we also want to keep them hidden under a blanket and keep them to ourselves. That’s how I feel right now. I’m sat here, on a Tuesday evening around 10pm just…..thinking. A lots happened in my life. I mean a lot. People don’t know what I have seen, heard, been through myself. They think they know but they seriously don’t. And that’s ok. But I feel like curling up into a ball and crying my heart out. But that’s not going to let me get anywhere. But then what do we do? Talk about it? Write it down? Talk to ourselves about it? There’s no right or wrong but there is independence. Some people are totally fine with spillling their life story out to a friend but some don’t. And some (like me) don’t always feel like doing one or the other. I’m quite an open person and some of my greatest friends know every detail about my life. But some don’t. But what I’m asking you. You yes you reading this in between that fanfiction and Twitter. Yes I see you! How’s that fangirling coming on? The question I want to ask you and get your opinion on is this. Will speaking out to people always help us? The reason I’m telling you this is because due to recent events I’ve been left feeling really shaken up. It hurts. More than you could ever imagine. Yes I have friends, teachers and a mum who cares about me and I could easily talk to, but do I aleays want to is a different thing entirely. I know some of my friends will be sat here reading this thinking oh but your life’s fine. You have plenty of time and friends but all you do is stay on the Internet all night and day. That’s why your upset. Really? That’s not right. As much as you think you know me you really don’t. But that’s completely off topic. But I have spoke to a teacher how I feel and she recommended I speak to a councillor. Yes that would work. I would be able to get things off my chest that I haven’t been able to. But will I always want it? Will I always want to be asked “how I’m coping” I feel like it’s a sign of weakness. But also a sign of strength but I can’t tell which. So should I speak out or not? Please, if you haven’t commented on any of my posts before then just this once. I need advice, and quick. I’m stuck in the middle and I need people to give me honest opinions not just to do what I think is best because I really don’t know. Thank you and see ya later me Krazies X 


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