What makes me, me 

So I’ve stolen this idea from my great friend Rachel. Haha soz mate. But I want to list the things that make me me. I’ve just recently been able to accept me for me and that its ok to be different. Thanks to Grace Mandeville for that. We share very similar problems so in her latest video where she said “I like being different I’m happy with that.” It actually made me think. And I think I’m finally happy with myself. So if you haven’t checked her out PLEASE go and check out her and her sister Amelias channel I’ll link their channel and Rachel’s blog at the end. Anyways rant over let’s get this thing underway!!! 

  • I love to listen to music with headphones in yet still song out loud 
  • Who only likes depressing love songs 
  • How spends all their life on the Internet 
  • Who will always reply to texts as soon as I get them 
  • Is obsessed over two YouTubers 
  • Always makes a fool out of herself in class 
  • Doesn’t understand basic logic 
  • Has most known social media 
  • Takes 10000 attempts to get one good photo 
  • Is very quiet fornew teachers 
  •  Gets very annoyed at being kept behind in class 
  • Secretly has many crushes 
  • Has a really weird hair colour 
  • Doesn’t have an irises (I really want blue ones) 
  • Owns a lot of YouTube merch 
  • Seems like she gets all her homework done as soon as she gets it but actually leaves it to the last minute 
  • Can hold a plank for 2:30 
  • Always pigs out when she gets home from school 
  • Likes to be unsocial 
  • Can ski 
  • Has really close friends 
  • Will tell the world to her friends 
  • Stayed up till 7am once 
  • Loves to write story’s 
  • Loves to compliment people 
  • Has the craziest imagination 
  • Has watched 16 years worth of videos in the space of 4 months 
  • Feels really distant from her family 
  • Always has a messy room 
  • Loves to sit by an open window at night even in the middle of winter 
  • Couldn’t live without music 
  • Wants to perform on stage for her own enjoyment 
  • Has more internet friends than real ones 
  • Gets really upset really quickly 
  • Is happy to be happy 
  • Is moving on in life 
  • Wants to do more auditions 
  • Smilies at the funnier things 
  • Loves to know what going on
  • Loves to attempt to dance 

So…there’s a very long but good lost of what makes me me hope you enjoyed! See ya later my Krazies X 


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