The flaws in social media 

(This post isn’t aimed at anyone in particular but if I do offend you – soz in advance) 

So…….as many people know I spend 99.9% of my life on the Internet. No regrets. But over my time I have discovered many things that make me feel like I could rip my own face off when I see. So instead of keeping quite and avoiding a lot of hate/raids on the comments I thought I would tell the world and see how many followers I’m prepared to loose and how many people can (hopefully) relate. 

Number 1: SNAPCHAT! Right for those of you who have snapchat can maybe relate (if you cba to save your conversations) saving a conversation. Most of the time I’m having about 2 conventions happening at once and well. Because snapchat does this thing where it deletes your chat when you exit that persons DM when you go back to that chat to see laughing emojis and you have that awkward moment when you have to ask them what you were talking about will always annoy me. 

Number 2: First comment!!!! I don’t think I’ll ever understand these people’s minds. Yes I am an (in some cases) extreme fangirl and does have push notifications on for my favourite people doesn’t mean I will go onto the photo they have uploaded or the video they have shared and comment “FIRST!” “Hi” “1” “Xxx” or something slightly kinky like “daddy”. I ain’t about that life. Yes you do find satisfaction out of being in the top 100 comments or likes but normally when I comment it will be something actually related to the post like “oh I love that dress!” Or “Yay can’t wait!” You know those sort of things. Please if you understand these people’s minds please tell me what must go through their heads when they see that notification. Which leads me onto my next point. 

Number 3: people commenting things that have nothing to do with the topic being discussed. I suppose this can relate to most situations but when an eager fan will just write “omg I love you so much please marry me!” (Yes I have seen that on Instagram and tumblr and even YouTube) I just once again don’t get it. They aren’t going to marry you let alone notice you. And before you throw things at me I do know that it is showing affection but when it’s on a video about exams?!?!?? 

Number 4: I’m not worth an emoji?!? Ok so I was talking to my good friend (she has a blog I will link it at the end go check it out she’s pretty good) about this. I really don’t know how it came into conversation. But we were talking about when people send emojis at the end of a messages.  That takes time to add them so basically they are saying your important enough to have emojis at the end of a message. But sometimes people don’t and your sat there looking at your phone like “I’m not important enough for an emoji?!” *Faints dramtically* *cough cough* 

Number 5: when people SEE your messages but don’t reply. I get this a lot with apps that allows you to see if the person has read them or not. You’ll send a message that your really wanting an reply from and all you will see is the “seen”. There’s no more to say on the topic expect……if you are one of these people, we can no longer be friends. 

Haha Anyways…….there’s just a few things I want to get off my chest about social media! Let’s makes this a thing shall we? Let me know down in the comments how mich other things (or the same things) get on your nerves (I would be ruder but I’m not sure what the age is on this blog so let’s just keep it at that) Let’s have a heated and passionate conversation about social media! How educational! See ya later my Krazies X 

My friends blog: Karate Fox 


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