Tears remind you you’re alive 

  So…..what I want to talk about today is this quote ^. I feel like it has a lot more meaning behind than people realise including me. Sometimes when I’m upset I will try and hold it back. For example not cry. That’s honesty one of the worst things you could do when your upset. As this quote suggests (well it’s actually a lyric from a song called Tenerife sea by Ed Shereen-that I love) the things that upset you and pull you back into reality are the things that remind you you’re alive. I spend many, many hours in my own little world that sometimes reality comes into BAM! In your face and nowhere to hide. And that’s a scary thing. Things can change in an instant and feelings and emotions follow on from that. Nothing in life is going to be easy. Even the things that seem simple…like an Internet connection or finding a good fanfic to read. Do you see my point here. Even the smallest things can show people that life sucks. But what many people say to me is that they don’t want to cry the want to be brave. That’s not showing anything except you can hold back tears. But if you try and accept that it’s going to work out then you become aware of life. So basically what I’m waffling on about is when you’re upset don’t hold it back let those tears come. 
Anyways short post I’m fully aware. Lot of fangirling heart cramps and exam stress are consuming my life at this point in time so don’t expect anything good……I mean who’s to say they are bad things….ok I’m going off topic and not in a good way!!! But one good thing I will mention is where did that 61 come from?!??!? Thank you so much to everyone who is “subscribed” to this blog it means a lot to me especially as this is the exact day the blog is 2 months. So feel free to ask or request anything in the comments I will reply (unless it’s hate and in that case I will cry……silently in a corner. But any positive messages will help the Krazykoala won’t procrastinate fund) See ya later me my Krazies X 


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