The time I was burnt with a glue gun. 

So I have definitely got some amazing friends. And some of them…well they are a bit more than normal. Slightly…no…extremely crazy. There are things that when I think about them I still laugh. These are the times that I will always remember because they are the memorise that made me feel like I couldn’t breath because I was laughing so hard. I think it’s important that everyone has these sort of memories because they are the ones that will cheer you up even in the darkest of times. Anyways enough of me ranting here we go!! 

Number 1: the obsession me and my friend have over top gear and how we relate and laugh about it so much. It’s not so much now because we are both always so busy but maybe just before Christmas we used to constantly FaceTime and through these evening chats we used to watch old top gears (because it’s such a ridiculous show) and laugh at how similar we are to the people in the show (Hamond, Clarkson and May) I’m absolutely certain she will be laughing right now at how many times we spent doing this and if she isn’t then…….why? Some of our favourites include; The ambulance, rovers reliant, the caravan. They were the best! 

Number 2: My sleepover party. Ok there are many things that happened in the space of one evening I can tell you! It was an amazing night I spent with two lovely girls BUT man they can go insane when they are given a bit of sugar…..actually they are always insane so that doesn’t exactly count. So basically I think the thing that made me laugh the most was this; so we were sleeping in my living room and I have a glass door leading into my hallway and one of the girls (; didn’t exactly like staring at the dark abyss that lay ahead so guess what she forced me and my other friend to do……..yup you’ve guessed it she made us block the door with pillows and blankets and bean bags. So it was now extremely hard to open the door….thanks mate really appreciated! 

Number 3: The Whatsapp group chats! Ok so me and my friends at stagecoach (some of us) have a whatsapp group chat. Now normally we just discuss topics but around 9pm it goes from a normal environment to crazy! So there are many times I could name but there are way, way WAY to many! But I will mention that me and my friends ciara and Honor have an on going prank war (WHICH IS HILARIOUS WHEN YOUR NOT THE VICTIM!) so yeah, group chats they’re cool. 

Number 4: Tech. That’s all I need to say for this one. I spend 2 hours a week in a tech class. Now I’m just fortunate to be in the same tech class as a crazy person and no before you say she’s not a murder she just lost her mind quite some time ago. So the particular story I want to tell……well it just shows how close we are because if I didn’t love her so much I would have probably killed her. So basically long story short we were already quite hyper (I can’t remember why there must have been some sort of cake sale happening.) and she was helping me glue gun (hot glue) my book mark we were making. But then the teacher asked us to turn around and listen. So I did but guess what she didn’t and carried on what she was doing. She had the glue gun DIRECTLY over my hand. And she sub consciously pulled the trigger on the gun and a bit of HOT glue was put on my hand. It hurt (of course) but what I love about it was my friend felt so gulity and I use it against her every time she annoys me…. I STILL HAVE THE SCAR!!!!! 

So there are just a few reasons and I hope the ones I have mentioned made you laugh……I hope. See ya later my Krazies X 


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