Just…..Stop and breath 

All I’m going to say is I need to stop. I’m thinking way to ahead of myself and I’m making dreams that are far beyond possible. And no before you say “dreams are all possible.” No trust me they aren’t. Ok you can now throw things at me. We all have those things that we so badly want yet we know for a fact they are unachievable. But for me I’m wishing my life away and not appreciating being the age I am. I need to stop….breath and acknowledge the world around me. I’m moving so fast not even I can keep up. I need to slow down. Honestly I’m thinking all these things that I’m positive can’t happen and then when I finally catch up with myself it hurts. As they say good things come to those who wait. How long will that wait be? See ya later my Krazies X 

I just want to say sorry to those who I upset due to my blog posts I can’t stress enough how sorry I am this is just my way of getting things out my head when no one listens. So I’m incredibly sorry for any offence or hurt caused X 


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