Dance, dance all your life and never take a second glance 

So Rachel, Alisha this is dedicated to you. But if a weird post to dedicate but I love you with all my heart and will always have a place for you in my heart! Or any other dancers out there. 

Honestly people think I don’t like dancing and I’m more of a creative musical person but I do love to dance. It can really take away a lot of emotion and help you think, breath and love. When (and only) I’m home alone I will go down into my lounge and put some music on and just put my heart into a dance. I’m certainly not the best dancer out there I never will be. But I do see myself as ok. I’m quiting a few activities im doing soon so I can free up my time for things I actually enjoy and are passionate about. One of them is to join a third orchestra but one of them I really want to do is some more dance than what I do do. The only time I do dance is on a Saturday for an hour and yes it is tiring and hard but I love it. I’m not gonna lie there are some things that need brushing up e.g my double turns I ended up over spinning (I was spotting to kill me yet) and landed on the floor in jazz splits. I honesty have no idea. But I do love it. The way you can move so freely and there are no boundaries no limitations no cage. It’s just you the floor and a bit of music. You can make it your own. You can tell your own story just through movement. I’ve never been confident in my dancing due to my balance loss problem and people have mocked/been rude about my dancing but honestly if I love it that shouldn’t matter. Well I’ll keep you updated. Also if you are looking for a hobbie then give dance a go! See ya later my Krazies X 


3 thoughts on “Dance, dance all your life and never take a second glance ”

  1. Try to not change your spot when you turn. Abs in, tail under, weight forwards. Practice spotting. Practice leg movements while turning as well. I’m so glad you’ve found a passion for dance! I fully support that you want to spend more time doing it and I’d be happy to recommend some schools and classes to you!

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