Yes, again 

I have this blog for a reason, that reason being to tell people how I feel and how I’m dealing with life and to express my feelings. That’s the whole point to write about what I want right? Wrong. I feel like I’m writing so much about this topic I once again will be sharing that people may think it’s boring or isn’t what they want to read. But it’s something that is so close to my heart that it’s indescribable to not tell. Once again I want to talk about love. I think one of the reasons this topic appears so much is I think about it every single day. It never leaves my mind. I feel like I’m stupid for thinking all these things at my age. All my friends just laugh when I mention it and mock me. But it’s a personal thing. I know age doesn’t mean I’m allowed to love someone who’s 26 but it shouldn’t matter if I’m thinking about these things! Or does it? That’s the real question. Am I to young to be thinking about these sort of things or is it natural? In all honesty I’m not completely sure. Maybe it’s because I spend my time with people who are older than me so I am more mature. Maybe it’s because I listen to a lot of love, depressing music. But maybe it’s natural and everyone thinks about it just doesn’t admit it. But I don’t think so. I’m arguing with my conscious constantly thinking one thing then the other then going back to the first. I think some of its to do with the fact I never had or have had (so far) a true love. And I think that’s what I’m wanting. Someone who actually loves me and I truly love them. I know it’s simple to say but to actually find. Well….I think also that I’m stuck and trapped in the education system for so many more years in just wanting to get out there and start my life properly. I think that’s the thing that really gets to me when I’m listening to music or day dreaming. 

Anyways deep posts and all! See ya later my Krazies X 


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