My time in hairspray 

So I was in hairspray about 2 months ago and it wasn’t exactly a smooth ride…. It definitely had a lot of bad moments and I thought I would share this story with you because I want to show those who maybe do performing that it’s not always going to go as well as its planned but you just have to get back up and move on. And also for those who don’t perform i want to tell this to show you that it’s not as peaceful as it is on stage it can be hell behind the curtains but silent as a deserted hall on stage. 

So if your wondering I played seaweed. It wasn’t the easiest role to play I had 32 lines and 2 solos and a solo dance. Now the thing is where I go performing there are three stages, stage 1 stage 2 and stage 3. I was originally in stage 2 but somehow I got moved up (I wasn’t the age you needed to be to move up) and then I found out I had one of the “main” parts it was quite daunting. I had never done anything with half the people in this stage so I was scared for my life to mess up. I had 4 weeks to learn all the lines I had been given (which wasn’t to bad) along with the solos. But as those who were involved know it didn’t really go well…….. In short term on the day of the dress rehearsal it wasn’t at the standard the teachers (and us) wanted it at. People were missing their ques, coming in late to a songs, forgetting their lines. It was a mess. So we were all told we had 3 options; 1 we don’t do the show anymore, 2 we do highlights from the show or 3 the stage 3s meet after school one night and get the show back on track. We went with option 3. So on the Wednesday night we had a 2 hour rehearsal to sort everything out. It went fine everyone knew what they were doing and where they were so the only issue now was actually doing it infront of an audience. 

Fast forward to show day 

So it was more than easy to say I was nervous it was a hard show where you had to put everything you had into it. It was also one of the hottest days that month and with some of my friends wearing layers of clothes and with the lights adding additional heat it was horrible. 

The first number went ok I knew what I was doing and it went pretty smoothly. Then there was the change over. So I ran off at the end of the number and went round to the other side of the stage and got ready for the switch over. Basically there weren’t enough radio mics so me and another girl had to share. I didn’t like the idea one bit but you can’t argue so you’ve just got to go along with it. So as I was waiting backstage I realised that the girls mic I was sharing with wasn’t exactly working properly. I kept calm but also slightly scared that it wouldn’t work. So she came off stage and it was time to change over. We had about 20 seconds to get the mic off her dress replace a piece of tape and put it on my shirt. Long story short we didn’t make it and my very good friend had to improvise while I got mine on. Then I was on stage but the mic wasn’t on properly working and it fell off. So while I was dancing I had to hold it and well that was awkward. So when I finally got off from that scene I had about 5 seconds till I was back on so I put the mic back on then I was on again. This scene was especially hard because there was music playing over the top and with a none working mic I was screaming my lines. Then when that had finished was the dreaded dodge ball scene. Basically we had to throw a ball in time to music whilst saying lines and moving. It was though. And guess what happened. The ball went into the audience. It was quite funny and we just got back on with it. So next was my first big solo. It was scary because there were so many people watching and my aim was to be heard not to sing well. So the first note comes and I belt harder than I ever had before. It realky hurt my voice but I think it was worth it seeing as my singing teacher said she could hear me from the back and I still sounded ok. After that we had a few more scenes which were good then came the last solo. This one I wasn’t so confident in so I was freaking out backstage. So I went on and I think it went well I mean I will never be an amazing singer but for me it was good, and before you know it it’s the end of the show. So over all it was very hard work but that’s why I love performing I like that there’s more than just reading a script and dancing to a song. There’s team work, tears, stress and courage. I wouldn’t be who I am today with out my friends at stagecoach. I wouldn’t be as confident, passionate or just me. They will do anything in their power to help me. I feel like they are my family not friends. I’ve know some of them 9 years. So it’s so nice to do something I enjoy with some of my favourite people. 

So that was my story. I hoped those who do perform it has shed  new light on shows and for those of you who don’t perform I hope this shows you how much work goes into a performance and next time you judge someone who’s on stage just remember they have probably worked months on that and I bet you couldn’t do it! See ya later my Krazies X 


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