Peoples feelings change 

I feel like people don’t get this and only the people who experience it do. It’s when peoples feelings towards one thing or another change. Mine are always changing, people I like and don’t. Things I enjoy, and don’t. And what people don’t realise is they will change with the experiences you gain and with age and maturity. A lot of things have changed for me and I’ve taken a step back and all I say is “woah!” It’s a scary thing you don’t expect it it just jumps out at you like a monster under a child’s bed. I used to love a certain TV show but over the last few months I’ve not been watching it and it just proves that you will grow out of certain things. And some of my friends know I’m obsessed with YouTube and 2 certain ones but today when I walked into my school and started talking about someone else she took it by surprise and said “But I thought you loved someone else not this person?” Like it was against my own will to not like someone else. It was like I was offending people by saying someone else was pretty cool. Do you see what I mean? But all I want to say is don’t think you have to only talk about one thing and only do certain things if you like something else. No one is forcing you to keep that in your life if you don’t like it anymore. I sometimes say to myself that I should go and watch that TV show even if it doesn’t interest me anymore just because I used to like it. When I was younger (not much maybe 2 years) I used to watch a girl on YouTube who used to be obesssed with Moshi monsters! Who remembers those?! Anyways she kept saying that she would never stop liking them and would want them in her grave. But about 5 months ago I thought I would go and see if she was still dining it. Turns out the last video she uploaded was the same year I stopped watching her. And moshi monsters have completely stopped selling and aren’t as big as they used to be so it really does prove things change over time!

So don’t be afried to let go of something if you aren’t enjoying it! It’s not the end of the world. Find something new that does interest you and you love doing! Don’t stay in the past while everyone is in the future. See ya later my Krazies X 


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