A story extract 

The hall was dimly lit with only a few stage lights pointing to the empty stage. I sat alone on the plastic chairs we always used. “Why?” I whispered to myself. I scanned my eyes across the rest of the room. A lone piano stood in the corner of the room obviously out of use for quite some time. The rusty metallic stands that would usually hold up the flimsy pieces of paper were uninhabited. My hands making patterns around the keys of my cold clarinet. A few eerie moments pass and with every breath I take the next seems more painful that the last. “Why me? Why am I the one who has to deal with all this? Haven’t I tried hard enough? I work every day just to achieve a small dream that I’m dying to have! But it’s nut coming!” I say the last bit a little louder than I expected. I hear a door open from the far end of the room and I hear footsteps getting closer and closer. Until a figure comes into the light. He’s quite tall around 6ft and has light brown hair swooped across his forehead. His eyes are the most striking eyes I’ve ever seen. They pierce the sweet soul he has with a face full of life. You can read them like a book. He looks upset but happy. He gives me a smile showing his white teeth from behind. I can’t help but smile back. “You know what they say? They say all the little things will add up to one big thing one day.” And with that the man walks towards the piano. He pulls up the lid and turns back to face me. “I can leave if you want me too?” He says with a calming voice. “No it’s fine..” I say taking my eyes off him and looking down at the wooden floor “I was just thinking.” I say”Thinking hey? It didn’t sound like it to me. It sounded like you were mad?” He says putting his music on the piano then coming back to face me “They say talking helps? Well I think it does anyways.” I can’t help but giggle at how cute he is. I turn back and face him. “I was just thinking why do my parents think I’m not capable of for filling my own dream?” He looks at me with an angel of a look and from then on I know he’s mine. I feel like I might faint., he’s beautiful in every way possible and I hope one day he’ll be mine forever. As he sits down at the piano he signals for me to come over and join him. I place my clarinet down and walk over to the darkest corner of the hall where to ancient piano is kept. “I see you play piano?” I ask.

“Haha yes, do you?” He asks as I sit down beside him. He’s warm I can feel his heat just by sitting next I him and the scent that is wafted around when he moves is indescribable. Heaven is probably the easiest. “No I don’t but I’d love to learn.” I say.

“I could teach you?” He says smiling again and killing me inside.

“Please do.” I whisper. He turns a little so he can look me in the eye and he asks. “What’s your name gorgeous?” I can tell I’m blushing my face starts burning like crazy. “Um Alice but people call me Al. What about you handsome?” Did I really just call him handsome? Oh well it’s done now. “Hehe I’m Mathew but people call me Mat.” He says. He can tell I’m blushing and I look down instantly trying to avoid eye contact completely. He reaches down and grabs a piece of stray hair and sticks it behind my ear. My heart skips what must be 1000 beats and my stomach does 400 flips. “You don’t need to be embarrassed Al, your really cute’!” Ok I’m freaking out on the inside but I keep as cool as I can outside. I glance up and him, “So are you.” He moves just slightly closer to me and puts his arm around me and touches his hands to the ivory beneath us. “Let me play you something Al.” He whispers. And then the hall is filled with dancing notes bouncing off every surface imaginable. Slowly I began to forget all the hopelessness and I sink into the drug we call love. I’ve well and truly fallen head over heels for Mat I well and truly have but you know what I’m happy, when ever I’m with him I feel happy and it seems just over the last 5 minutes we’ve made an unbreakable connection.

This is an extract from a book I’m writing on wattpad it’s called The Little Things. I hope you liked it and let me know what you think? See ya later my Krazies X and thank you for the endless support 


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