So we all do it. We all write if it be a text a essay or just for pleasure….that sounded weird. Moving on. Anyways not many people know but I actually really enjoy writing I think it’s a great way to express your feelings or emotions through words, and as you all know I must enjoy writing to have a blog…! But what most people don’t realise is writing isn’t always that 4 hour essay your teacher with the low voice sets you (no offence to anyone with low voices) but it can be a really fun thing to do when your bored. For instance write a story! I’m always coming up with ideas for story’s but I never really write them down…..and it can be anything you want from a story to a poem ANYTHING! Let your imagination go wild! So to help you get started I’ve come up with an idea for your first story just look out for you favourite colour and birthday! And enjoy endless writing!

Type of writing 

Black: Horror

Blue: Poem 

Green: Adventure

Yellow: Action 

Orange: Kids 

Red: Romance 

Purple: SiFi 

Sliver: Teen 

White: non fiction 

Brown: fantasy 

Pink: chick flick 

Gold: sports 

Which is about….

1: Dog 

2: Help 

3: Spoons 

4: Penguin 

5:  favourite person Internet 

6: Cloud

7: Fairy 

8: Chocolate 

9: Best friend 

10: Food 

11: Home 

12: Clothes 

13: Courgette 

14: Fictional charter 

15: TV show IRL 

16: Desk 

17: Your pet (or if you don’t have one an imaginary one)

18:  favourite Craft 

19: Socks 

20: Train 

21: Your mum 

23:  your least favourite Teacher 

24:A Vampire 

25:  Autumn Leafs 

26:your  Eye 

27: Clock

28: favourite Music 

29:A Hall 

30: Pizza 

31: Pancakes 

So for instance my favourite colour is blue and my birthday is on the 23 so I would have to write poem about my least teacher…..maybe not one of the best options but defiantly a must write! Let me know what your story is and get writing! See ya later my Krazies X 


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