Positivity VS Negativity 

Being positive! It’s a strange thing…sometimes you think your being positive but in actual fact your not! Sometimes negotivly can be a bad thing LET ME EXPLAIN OK!!! Basically it can save you from situations for example, get told to jump of a really tall building there’s a bit of your mind that says “no you’ll hurt yourself don’t!” And then you save someone. Simple as really… But most of the time it’s not and that’s what I want to talk about today. Lately I’ve become a lot more positive thanks to my life slowly getting back on track and friends. I’m slowly getting to grips with my brain slowly knowing how it works and being able to keep in control instead of breaking down into tears every 5 minutes. But there’s also a side to my brain that makes me shiver. The side that I still get all these negotive thoughts from. They aren’t as regular now as they were but they still crop up and come and torment me. But if your positivity is stronger than negatively then you’ll be able to fight that off and stay calm and strong. What I also find is that when you have a positive mind life can be so much more enjoyable your able to enjoy that summers day your able to enjoy that picnic with friends. Where as before maybe you couldn’t. 

So I’ve just taken a quiz to see how much of a positive thinker I am and here are my results 

So not too bad…..but obviously room for improvement! And that’s the thing. I thought and still think I’m quite a positive person I know I need to look at what does make me less positive and sort those out but for the time now I’m happy. And that’s good! There are many things I like about myself but there are also many things I don’t. But over time I will expect them and become a stronger me. So guys tell me are you a positive or negotive thinker? See ya later my Krazies X 


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