A-Z of performing 

So I perform on a stage most weeks so this is something I can relate to and after the success of my Krazykoala one I thought I would do on performing enjoy! 
A: audience 

B: blocking 

C: chorgraphy 

D: dancing 

E: emotions 

F: framework 

G: got it! 


I: interval 

J: just do it! 

K:Keeping in time 

L: lights 

M: music 

N: no that’s not it? I think? 

O: onstage 

P: performance 

Q: quiet 

R: rehearsal 

S: scripts 

T: tripping over wires 

U: understanding people 

V: very quiet backstage 

W: will you read in?


Y: your on! 

Z: zipping up dresses in the dark 

Haha hope you liked it X see ya later my Krazies X 


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