My favourite books 

So I’m a book worm deal with it! If it’s a fictional world,  a YouTubers book or a good reading book I love them! So I thought I would share some of my faves for people who may be looking for a good book or just want to see what’s out there! So here are my 10 top books! 

Number 1! The amazing book is not on fire (TABINOF)! I couldn’t write this without mentioning this little guy! This incredible book is written by two youtuber and radio personalitys Dan Howell and Phil Lester (aka danisnotonfire and amazingphil) 

I love how when I go to write amazing or dan it automatically changes it to amazingphil and Danisnotonfie! Haha 

Anyways this is a book about their life before YouTube and little story’s and tales that you may have not heard from their videos! They also have done an audiobook (which is just as incredible!) So if you like their videos then definitely go check out there book!

Number 2: The scrapbook of my life! This bad boy is written by another YouTube personality Mr Alfie Deyes! This is a book about his life before fame and what brought him to where he is today! Not going to lie at first I wasn’t all keen on the idea of it but I FREAKING LOVE IT!! It’s so gripping and funny and just so (alfie) that it’s a defiant must get for anyone who’s part of the PB community! Btw it also has a free app that you can download which gives you access to exclusive clips of him as a fetus! 

Number 3: The maze runner series! I know this isn’t exactly a book but omg! If you have not read a maze runner book your missing out! In the series there is 3 books (maze runner, scorch trails and death cure) but there are another 2 books called Kill order (I’m currently reading this) and Fever code. This is a series about a boy called Thomas who is thrown into an experiment to try and save humanity. But what I love about the books is that it’s told From Thomas’s point of view. So when he learns things you do if you see what I mean and I think that’s the things that really captivated me. So give em a go! 

Number 4: Twilight! Now I know there are mixed opinions about these books…some poeple think they are “too” romantic some just don’t like the idea of it. I’ve heard a lot. But I actually really like them there’s a lot happening in each book and it’s well written and frankly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. It’s about a girl called Bella Swan who meets a very mysterious boy at her new school in Forks and she can’t help but fall in love but there’s something about this boy that she is soon to find out….

Number 5: Witch child! Now this is a book that I don’t think most people would have heard of and that’s why I’m putting it in here. It’s a book (supposedly a true story) about a girl called Mary who grew up in London  and who’s grandmother was accursed of being a witch and was hanged but she travelled to America with a group of pilgrims and a lot of scary stuff happens…I loved this book because it’s so special (it’s written in a form of a dairy from Mary’s point of view) and it’s just so touching e.g the ending ):

Number 6: Life with a sprinkle of glitter! Once again this is a YouTubers book (honestly why do I have so many YouTubers books in here that’s bad) anyways this book is by Loiuse Portland aka lifewithasprinkleofglitter and it’s a book about how to survive life. I read this book a year ago on my holiday in Spain (a friend lent it to me I still need to get my own copy) and when I finished reading it I felt so happy and I had the most cheesiest grin you could possibly get on a girls face. That’s why I loved it it’s like a little survival guide to life you keep it tucked under your pillow and get it out whenever you feel upset. 

Number 7: Dragonfly and the glass swallow! These are the ultimate books! They are so different yet so cool! I read them quite a while ago so I can’t remember much but what I do remember is dragonfly is the PERFECT love story and glass swallow is very positive in what the character goes through 
Number 8: Username Evie. Kill me it’s another YouTube book! Haha I’m obsessed! Anyways THIS one is written by Joesph Sugg and it’s a graphic novel! I read this in my library and I loved it! Once again I wasn’t completely happy with the type of book it was as they say “don’t judge a book by its cover!” pun intended! and wow! It’s about a girl called Evie who goes through a lot but still powers on and that’s all I can tell you without spoiling it really but trust me it’s amazing! (hopefully getting my own one soon) but defiantly recommend!!!

Number 9: Harry Potter! All I’m going to say is if you haven’t read the Harry Potter series then your missing out! There is so much stuff in the books that aren’t in the films! Oh and if you haven’t read them we are no longer friends 

Number 10: Girl online! This is also written by a very well known youtuber Zoë Sugg (Joe Suggs sister) aka Zoella! She wrote 2 books Girl online and Girl online on tour! Now unlike the other books these books are full out fiction! I absolutely LOVED them both of them made me cry because you come so close to the characters that When something happens it hurts you. And what I love is this world is very modern and brings up very modern problems about the world. The first one (Girl online) is about a girl called Penny who suffers with anxiety and panic attacks and has an anonymous blog but when she goes to America she meets a boy called Noah and well…’s an incredible book I’ll give you that! 

So there we go! I’m sorry if you were looking for actual good books but these are just the ones that I adore! Haha also sorry for the amount of YouTube books in here….See ya later my Krazies X 


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