Weird things I do when I’m bored 

So…… When I’m bored I end up doing quite a few weird things…. So once again (seriously this is a thing now! Haha) I thought I would tell the world and see if anyone can relate! But I think this is to weird even for the Internet! 

Number 1: I will send a text to a friend but type it with my nose 

Number 2: Stalk gorgeous boys on Twitter (I don’t own a Twitter account but while once again I was bored I managed to work how to look at them) 

Number 3: Spam people with emojis 

Number 4: Make a new food! The cheese dog (a mix between a cheese sandwich and hot dog) 

Number 5: Sing really loudly and really badly outside 

Number 6: Make conversation with my reflection 

Number 7: Take photos of objects in my room and try and make it look fancy 

Haha….I hope I’m not TO weird! I am I am I know I’m weird don’t judge! Let me know all the weird things you do when your bored! See ya later my Krazies X  



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