Life always plans out 

Everything has a way of planning out. Once I used to be upset, scared and always putting myself down for no reason except all the wild fires surrounding me. But life isn’t always going to stay great when you finally come to the light at the end of the tunnel. You will reach plenty more tunnels and have to walk through those! But there will be times in your life when you are happy and are able to be positive. But I didn’t realise that, I had times when I could have been happy but somehow chose not to be. But slowly I’ve made friends that have been positive and caring and strong. And I’m spending more time with them and less with the ones who made me feel like rubbish. If there are people in your life that aren’t helping you through your problems and aren’t looking out for you and aren’t being positive then “delete that hoe” *cough cough*. Just get them out of your life. Lifes to short to think about all the bad points it’s better to look at the good points. For instance “Everything happens for a reason” everything does, forget to charge your phone. You should charge it more! Lose a friend, they weren’t worth putting time into. I believe (now) that everything does happen for a reason. Your the way you are because your soul was the one that was going to handle that body the best. 

It’s finally feeling like summer where I live and today (Friday) it was non-school uniform day! So I got to wear what I want and I love that because I can wear things I’m comfortable in and make me happy. So I had a very tumblr looking top on and just some black leggings and some red Converse. But what really made this day amazing was the poeple I spent it with. It was perfect weather slight breeze and hot. We all sat under this umbrella sorta thing we have on our lunch break and ate, laughed and talked and it was just amazing because the whole friendship group was there all in a circle just being us. I swear one of them said “so these are my friends” when we were mucking about! It’s just so nice how you make friends and keep the good ones. They are my source of happiness and strength. Yes maybe there are a few other things but they are the poeple that listen to my worries and express my happiness and I’m grateful for that! People who are upset don’t realise that you can change it! Just because your going through a rough time doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there who are just going to leave you! Even if you haven’t found them yet you will find someone who cares a lot about you and would do anything for you! Just stay positive and if you change the small things soon they will change the bigs things.  Just try and think positive! Maybe things are just meant to be? Who knows! just live your life to the full end and enjoy it because this is the only one you get! 


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