Empty without friends 

As you are sitting here reading this I’m pretty sure you have at least one friend out there that loves you for who you are and not the person you turn into. And if that isn’t the case then count me as your best friend for life😘! But the whole reason I’ve come to tell you this is we don’t always feel loved even when we are! That can sometimes make people feel even worse than letting a friend go! Now me being a girl has had a lot of experience with bitchy girls and have been one myself on a few occasions and that’s fine because we can all lose control sometimes but for those of you who are going through a tough time with friends at the moment this is for you for you to treasure the happy memories and to discard the bad ones and to remember that a argument will always make a friendship stronger!
How to handle BAD memorise/times

One of the things that can really get people down is friendships going on (just a small secret I’ve been through this quite recently) there are many ways to get round arguing with friends and leaving friends and I shall tell you all my tricks of the trade!
First off arguing with people. Now this is going to happen to everyone at some point in their lives and will upset them so it’s not a rare occasion to hear some people arguing in your school but if your like me and you don’t tend to chop and change friends half way through a week then you’ll hate even coming close to raising your voice! 
Step One: TALK! If you don’t talk to your friends how are they going to be able to include your ideas in how your friendship works! They aren’t mind readers!
 Step Two: be light hearted! If they say something that may offend you and they say it in a non serious way (so not properly meaning it that sort of voice) then it’s most likely a joke maybe not the nicest but they probably don’t mean it if they are your true friends so don’t take it seriously . 
Step Three: keep calm! If you ever refer back to step one then stay cool as a cucumber because the moment you raise your voice they will get agitated and then start on you and you don’t want that do you! 
Step Four: Update each other! Make a little group chat of some sort and keep letting them know what your up to and the same with them and keep asking them how they are and saying that they can always talk to you if they feel upset! Because then your connected and may even spend more time together than you actually do in school and then nothing can get out of control! 
Step five: Be there for them! And I mean this one you may not realise it but they may always be there for you and never give it a second thought but maybe because you haven’t followed step four you have no idea what they are going through and may need some friend TLC and that will make you stronger because then they know your there for them and they can tell you anything! 
Step six: sticking together! Make sure during all your breaks and lunches that you all deiced what you want to do that spare time you have e.g if 20% of the group want to play football and the other 80% want to eat food then you go with majority and then compromise so maybe you all play football after you’ve eaten so everyone gets to do what they want and won’t feel left out! 
Step seven: IT’S NOT A COMPETITION !!!! If you ever feel like you are going up agents your friend for any reason then just think *do you really need a boyfriend?* *Do I really need that new track that’s out?* Or whatever it may be. You are you and shouldn’t have to be better than your friend. If you feel like they are making it into a competition the just ask them they will probably just say no but may change there actions! As long as you are happy with your decisions then don’t worry! 
Step eight: TELL SOMEONE! If it gets bad and you have done all the above then tell a teacher or a parent and trust me they have a lot more experience than I do so they can probably do more to help than I can they won’t mind as long as you give the honest truth! 
But finally as I have learnt from a fellow friend if they are putting you down and aren’t showing your positive side then it’s ok the leave them on the side of the road and carry on that long journey to find better people as long as you explain what went wrong then they should understand but if not and they don’t want to fix it then move on as long as you forget and push them to one side no harm is done and if they come back for medicine A.K.A annoying you then repeat step eight TELL SOMEONE!!!!
Now onto a more happy side

How to keep GOOD memorise/times

Step one: make them how are you ever going to be able to keep fun times if you’ve never made them! Over the weekend or during the holidays (not to close to a school day though) organise a sleepover or a shop into town and just have a laugh! Step two keep it! How are you going to remember your fun times if you’ve never kept them take photos or write them down but don’t worry if you don’t because you naturally remember things as well Step three: Keep bringing them up! If you never bring them up you’ll slowly move further apart so bringing them up will make you closer together! So maybe on a day when everyone feels down bring something up like “do you remember when we had a massive food fight” and if it doesn’t get a reaction or anyone talking then refer back to step one and make a fun time or just wait till Friday they most likely will be more awake then!
Now friends are complicated things they aren’t part of your family and they aren’t always the best but you have to put up with them sometimes and to be totally honest it’s ok just keep searching until you click with someone you may not always get on but hopefully do most of the time! And remember just have a laugh! I have two very great people in my life who have helped me get through a lot recently and I’m so thankful and yes we don’t always get on I can tell you! But the times we do it’s like being in one of Thacherjoe’s videos 
Now my question for you/me is: Is there anything that needs looking into for example following a step or restoring a friendship! See ya later my Krazies X

Btw thank you all so much for the support on this blog X today it’s officially one month old 🎉


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