The arts to surviving exams 

So a lot of people are doing exams at the moment! (Good luck!) and they are feeling a lot of as I seem to do a lot of tests and exams here are a few tips to stay calm during such a stressful time!

Number 1: Get an early night! There’s no point revising or doing any sort of studying after 11pm because you may think you taking in the information but in real life your probably not because your brain is switched off and isn’t proessing what your making it read….and also the night before the exam take a bath, light a candle and relax. It’s not good trying to cram in revision the night before the exam your not going to get anywhere!

Number 2: Stay healthy. It isn’t good to eat tones of chips chocolate and burgers. Eat fruit and drink smoothies and vitamin C to keep your immune system the best it can be. So in your study breaks (I’ll get into that later)  have a smoothie and just try and eat more healthily than you usually would.

Number 3: talk to someone! If your struggling with the amount or need someone to talk to talk to a friend or an adult and I’m sure they will be able to help

Number 4: Don’t add pressure! If there’s a club you want to be part of or something you want to do then just don’t!!! You don’t need any extra pressure on you!  Because I don’t think your friends will want to be around the dayyou crumble because you are doing so much and have ignored their advice!

Number 5: don’t think about the things happening at the end of the week focus on the things happening at the start of the week. Don’t stress about that dance exam you have on Friday if you have a drum exam on Monday thibk and focus on the drum exam not the dance one.

Number 6: I know most people do this but get yourself a timetable with enough time for 20 minute breaks every hour. Do an hour of studying then a 20 minute break then another hour of studying. Make sure you see the outside in the stressful time so go for a walk or walk your dog or a run in that break you get.

Number 7: Make your notes enjoyable! There’s nothing worse than staring at black on white for 200 pages. Make your notes colourful with highlighter and coloured pens….I try and imagine I’m writing them for a friend who may have missed that class because that way they are more basic and easier to understand.

Number 8: On the day of the exam get up reasonably early so you aren’t stressing out about missing the bus and being late for the exam. And make your self a healthy breakfast don’t just grab something at school. make a smoothie have some toast youghurt or fruit! 

Number 9: when you get into the exam just try and breathe and focus on that thing. If it’s a dance or music or something that’s not school, you enjoy that thing that’s why your taking it to the next level so enjoy it! It shouldn’t matter how well you do if you enjoy that thing. 

So I hope that helped any of you who have exams of any sort and good luck! See ya later my Krazies X 


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