Responsibility….nah not for me. 

So where I live it’s ST. George’s day! I had to attend a parade and a service seeing as I’m part of a guide group…… Now being one of the oldest in the group I was asked to hold a flag. Not just any flag the flag of the Union Jack (English flag) and have to stand at the front of the WHOLE prosession. I was so nervous I would do something wrong. The thing is I love haveing responsibility or people thinking i can handle it yet soon as I have them I crumble like a fruit crumble. Haha! 

So I was given the flag and the parade started. A guy who must have been the leader of the scouts (who had a very loud voice) shouted for everyone to stand to and then he started walking. The walk went ok I was very cold (because the only item of clothing I had on my top half was my T-Shirt) and the flag kept pulling me back in the wind so was incredibly hard to hold onto. When we got to the church we had to stand outside and wait for everyone to go in before we went in whislt everyone was looking at us. So we handed out flags in and went to sit down. The next “challenge” was I had to read a poem out. Now being an actor and being fine infront of an audience you would expect me to take it well. Haha no. I had written a poem about Heroes and Dan and Phil and with reading it infront of very important people IT FREAKED ME OUT! Haha but all in all it went ok and it was an amazing oppuatnaty to be social………….it didn’t last. See ya later my Krazies X 


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