10 reasons I don’t like swimming 

Now for those of you who don’t know I do actually swim. Yeah and I really enjoy it, it’s a nice and calming way for me to think about things that are on my mind while we are endlessly swimming up and down the pool. But there are certain things that REALLY annoy me about it. So I hope that maybe other swimmers out there can relate to this… 

1: when you get stuck behind a slow swimmer. Honestly sometimes it’s fine I can just over take and they will let me go past BUT when they maks it into a competition and your swimming side by side and there are people coming in the opposite direction?!? I will never understand. 

2: Drinking in the deep end. Right if your not a swimmer you may not understand what I mean. But when you have a water bottle and your taking a drink but your in the deep end of the pool. Like for most humans this can be OK because they can deal with that but I can’t somehow I end up drinking more pool water than water from my drink?! Don’t ask how…..

3: When the teacher asks you to do a drill that you’ve either never done before or is practically impossible. For instance having both hand out of the water pointing in front of you? Yeah I was like a rock in the ocean….

4: When your doing butterfly and it’s a 50 metre drill so there’s two poeple swimming at once….ok so basically you don’t have enough arm room and you end up bashing people in the head…that’s happened a few times 

5: When you’ve washed your hair and put it into a side braid but you get all your clothes wet….it’s not just braids..I have long hair and when I’ve washed it it seems to get SO wet it leaks all over my clothes then I look like I’ve been swimming in my clothes…(any help would be appreciated) 

6: When you drink to much pool water. I’ve done this often enough to know that it’s not normal to drink pool water. I mean it’s a good substitute for a water bottle but it’s still horrible. Back stroke this happens. 

7: When the teacher ALWAYS gets your name wrong. Ok I can understand cover teachers but when it’s the teacher you’ve had for 3 months? There’s only what 10 people in my class who wear the same suit every week….like I understand 90% of the time we are in water but the other 10%? 

8: This kinda relates to number 1 but when your whole class puts you at the front of the line and it’s the stroke that your the worst at! For me it’s breaststroke and when everyone says “oh yeah your fast you go first.” You can’t exactly say no because your the one who’s having that mini competition with everyone when your at the back? So I just stand there awkwardly until someone shoves me in and commands me to swim. 

9:  When the cover teacher makes you do way more than you usually do! I can understand (slightly) but when your used to doing 4 front 4 back 2 breast and 6 choice and the teacher makes you do 8 front 8 back 6 breast and 1000 choice…. Little out of my lazy o metre mate!! (Slight exaggeration but you see what I mean) 

10: Teachers making you CONSTANTLY get out of the water. Come on we are here to be in the water not stand on the side like an abandoned seal…that’s me every time but you get the picture. Like it’s hard work getting out a pool so why make me do it more than once at the end of the lesson?? So that’s why when we do diving I stay close to the back so it’s less work. 

Even though I’ve just listed 10 reasons I hate swimming I do enjoy it seeing as it’s some of my only exercise during the week and getting to just think…… See ya later my Krazies X 


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