Light at the end of the tunnel 

(I wrote this a long time ago in my notes so it may not be perfect)

A light at the end of the tunnel!
Things can change in a click of a finger! For example sun to rain or warm soup to cold soup. It’s all the same! And sometimes it can be a more dramatic affect like losing someone, a argument or feeling alone. Most likely we have all experienced this! (If not then you are a very positive and lucky person.) So today I’m going to help you/me find the light that is at the end of the tunnel! 
First off, what is it that is worrying/stressing you out? But think about how it has come if it is relationship related then that’s easy but with things like deaths, feeling alone and things that have just happened for no reason then it’s slightly different and with that you have to think how can I make it better? I’m not going to give many examples because that’s your choice not mine but maybe reveres the situation so feeling alone find a friend? 
Then you need to say to yourself and it can help to write this somewhere where you’ll see it EVERY SINGLE DAY and will be reminded “it’s all going to be okay” 

Dan and Phil wrote this for a fan it litrally ruined ms

Honesty this post is so ironic seeing as I’ve just managed to loose a friend 


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