Never say never 

Even though we all have our dreams planned out and ready to happen there’s always that little bit in the back of your brain saying “Oh you’ll never get there.” Or “Like that’s going to happen!” Well as the title of this blog says. Never say never! You never know who your going to meet where your going to go or where your going to end up! Even if you have your future down to the nail you never know what’s going to happen and there are certain things you can’t plan out! Like who your going to fall in love with. Where your job will be. Where your going to live, it doesn’t happen naturally you have to make your future what you want it to be and not stick to the plans you made when you were 10! So even if your reading this with your life completely sorted but something or anything could happen! Or you may be sitting here a single person and not knowing what your going to do with your life! Don’t worry it will plan out! It just takes more than a little bit of planning. Love? Love will come when you least except it and when your least ready that’s the point of it. Friendships? That will also plan out you will lose those who don’t stick by you and grow stronger with those who mean the most it will happen trust me.  You just have to be patient! Any ways See ya later my Krazies X 


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