Fan girl tag 


Question 1: Who are you fangirling over? 

Dan and Phil 

Question 2: how many hours do you spend doing something to do with them?

At least 10

Question 3: What social media do you stalk them on? 

I wouldn’t say “stalk” ok I would….. Tumblr YouNow Instagram Twitter (obvs YouTube) and Spotify so not a lot 

Question 4: How far has your fangirling gone? 

Quite far…….maybe crying at a photo……or writing fanfic. 

Question 5: How long has this been going on for? 

About two months……..oh god 

Question 6: what 3 things would you say to them if you met them?

Probably how much I love them, how gorgeous they both look and I’ve written a poem about them

Question 7: any dreams to do with them? 

Yup……not going to go into detail 

Question 8: do your friends find you annoying because you talk to much about them?

Yup I’m very annoying and it’s a miracle when I find someone who’s as obsessed as me

Question 9: Have they ever noticed you? 

I’m not sure unless they’ve seen my tumblr I highly doubt it so no

Question 10: How much merch do you own of theirs?

Well the book the audio book a colouring book and that’s it hah so not much 

Question 11: Favourite quote if theirs?

Well because there are two so Phil “if I had a house I would have every window made of glass” and Dan “well they know it’s a good start to a gaming channel when your cleaning brown stains off your furniture.” 

  Question 12: why do you fangirl over them?

BAD QUESTION!!!! Everything about them! Their faces personalities voices videos….!? I could go on forever!

Ok weird post I know………but hope you enjoyed and feel free to use but please mention me if you do seeing as it is mine!  See ya later my Krazies X 



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