Blogging tag 


The blogging tag! A tag anyone can do haha enjoy. 

Question 1: is there any meaning behind your username?

Yes…..well sorta. I was talking with my very good friend Rachel and we were talking about blogging names. I always wanted it to be something to do with owls but because earlier that day I had taken a test to see which animal I was and it was a koala! So that’s where it’s from really. Haha! 

Question 2; what’s your favourite blog post you’ve written? 

I’m not really sure…. All my blog posts I’m proud of and I’ve enjoyed. Probably my emojinterview or A-Z of Krazykoala! 

Question 3: why did you want to start a blog? 

I wanted to express my emotions in a way of writing and try and figure out all my confusing thoughts. 

Question 4: Have you ever not uploaded a post? 

No not really……….but that could all change! 

Question 5: When did you start your blog? Not that long ago actually…5th April

Question 6: Anyone you’d love to collab with? Yes her blogs called ameliannailsinsights……I’m pretty sure! Her blogs amazing! You need to check her out! 

Question 7: What is your favourite thing to blog about? What I’m passionate about if that be something that’s upsetting me or someone I love I love telling the world a little more about me than they already know. 

Question 8: When do you think of your ideas for blogs? Well….I’m always thinking of ideas I’m never not. But mainly when something happens I’ll think “oh that would make a nice blog post.” So yeah all the time I currently have a WHOLE page dedicated to blog ideas I made in class haha! 

Question 9: Is there anything you wouldn’t blog about? Well maybe maybe not it depends I wouldn’t blog and just rant about how much I hate someone or being offensive but I would blog when I’m sad because that’s one of the reasons I have this blog.

Question 10: When do you normally blog? I normally blog in the evening while on FaceTime with a friend or with music. 

Question 11: Where do you want this blog to go? I’m not entirely sure. I would love to gain a lot of followers who enjoy reading this blog or find it a happy place for me to go but to be totally honest who knows where it could go. 

Question 12: How long do you plan to be blogging for? For forever

So I know this is a little different to my normal ranting self but I hoped you enjoyed and please feel free to do this yourself. See ya later my Krazies X 


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